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Today’s News - Monday, October 14, 2013

•   ArcSpace brings us Sejima's 2003 House in a Plum Grove in Tokyo, a photographic tribute to Copenhagen, a travel guide to Stockholm, and a profile of Morphosis.

•   Kamin feels "a punch in the gut" watching the demolition begin on Goldberg's Prentice Women's Hospital: "despite the post-industrial sheen of Millennium Park, Chicago can still unleash its old and infamous savagery. No other American city is quite so proficient at building landmarks and destroying them."

•   Russell, on a brighter note, gives (mostly) thumbs-up to Meier's Teachers Village in Newark, NJ, "one of the poorest downtowns in the U.S.," and one of many "places most in need of such transformational investment, not the opportunistic junk they usually get stuck with (think casinos) that fails to ease entrenched poverty."

•   Litt cheers new plans for Cleveland's Ameritrust complex, including Breuer's once-threatened 1971 tower, that is "a credible forward path" towards "fueling a downtown residential boom."

•   Hume looks at how a "re-urbanized" Hamilton is rising "from its post-industrial ashes - while Toronto self-immolates."

•   Q&A with Azaroff re: how "Hurricane Sandy recovery is inciting information sharing among the New York architecture community and design teams worldwide."

•   Geeting cheers Philly finally finding the fit between too many and too few cars, having learned some "important lessons about humility and flexibility, preferring small-scale, inexpensive and reversible changes that can be tested, tweaked or removed without permanent consequences."

•   A Swedish filmmaker's documentary is "deep-diving into the tension between the car industry and the urban biking movement."

•   Nielsen and Brightman "find flaws in the Sustainable Sites Initiative accreditation process" that tend to favor projects using private financing over public funding, with hopes the "hallmark program" will be refined to be more inclusive.

•   A California residence for autistic adults "hopes to become a model for like-minded experiments across the country."

•   A project type we rarely see: a Belgian firm gets the rare opportunity to design two gas stations in Tirana, Albania, that "combine bold architectural forms with sensitive urban placemaking" (very cool!).

•   How could we resist Baan's breathtaking shots of Hadid's Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan (the country "winning the architecture arms race" by spending about $6 billion/year).

•   Brownell x 2 re: the Sydney Opera House marking its 40th anniversary: it "was the pinnacle and nadir of Jørn Utzon's career" + Q+A with Jan Utzon re: "the experience of working with his father to guide the project's future."

•   Cramer ponders wither architecture theory has gone - but doesn't mourn it being replaced by students carrying "Design Like You Give a Damn" instead if ANY, and critical discourse "focused on green architecture, building science, and ethical design. The built environment, and civilization as a whole, stands to benefit."

•   Harper "delves into the vortex of today's frantic click-driven online architecture media," making the "case for de-democratizing the architectural press."

•   AHMM "bags" Met Police HQ make-over (the revolving Scotland Yard sign will remain).

•   Eyefuls of winners in Building Trust International's PLAYscapes Competition (great fun!).


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