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Today’s News - Wednesday, October 9, 2013

•   Hume pays tribute to Ventin, who "helped Ontarians value their past" - and only recently received Ontario's 2013 Governors' Award.

•   Townsend poses a scary question, "What if the smart cities of the future are chock full of bugs?" (with some scarier answers - and a real bug!).

•   Bernstein reports on Arch Record's Innovation Conference 2013, where a who's-who in architecture explored how to find "simplicity in high-tech" (not quite so scary).

•   A look at Copenhagen's "visionary steps to ensure its resilience" that is proving "doing the right thing for the environment brings jobs - and higher living standards."

•   Goodyear delves into how Carlsbad, CA, set a goal to be a livable community with a growth management plan starting back in the 1980s.

•   Metcalfe marvels at Hadid's new "looming deathship" of a library in Vienna; "it would fit right in with a fleet of Star Destroyers blasting some unfortunate rebel ship with turbolasers" (with pix to prove it!).

•   Schumacher reports that Beloit College has tapped Studio Gang to transform a former power plant "into a recreation center that will showcase sustainable design and revitalize the river front" (Wisconsin's own Tate Modern on the Rock River?).

•   Eyefuls of the "12 architectural heavyweights competing to design the Nobel Foundation's new home" in Stockholm.

•   Big plans to transform "a former asphalt-covered dead zone" in L.A. into a walkable community.

•   Bey gives us a look at the planned new $251 million Malcolm X College and School of Health Sciences in Chicago: "Architecturally, the new complex looks like a hospital, which is fitting."

•   A Finnish architect combines Scandinavian and El Paso design aesthetics for an infill housing project in the Texas town.

•   Gehry "takes a look back at his life, and gives some advice to his younger self."

•   The Flint Public Art Project's Flat Lot Competition winner sparks an almost contentious debate about the role of architectural photographers: do photos lie? (pix prove it depends on the weather).

•   Eyefuls of the World Monuments Watch 2014 List (FLW home and St. Louis Arch included).

•   Eyefuls of the 2013 World Architecture Festival winners (and lots of 'em!).

•   Eyefuls of the three "Designing Recovery" winners that will aid communities affected by devastating natural disasters.

•   Two we couldn't resist: eyefuls of dollhouses designed by some of the world's top architects and designers that will be auctioned off for charity + A fashion line inspired by urban planning (if only we were size 2).

•   Call for entries: 51st Invitation to Exhibit & Call for Papers for the 2014 International Making Cities Livable Conference.


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