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Today’s News - Thursday, October 3, 2013

•   Some of our favorite writers delve into how the tech industry is shaping the American city.

•   Bernstein looks at the legacy being left by NYC's Mayor Bloomberg: "12 years of astonishing change earns mixed marks."

•   Chaban reports that Bloomberg is "going Dutch," selecting Amsterdam-based Arcadis "to study whether Hizzoner's so-called 'Seaport City' is even doable."

•   Hatherley looks to 1970s London, when "authorities worked with good local architects to redistribute wealth spatially. The same should be done now" for better council housing.

•   Baranes weighs in on the debate about height limits in Washington, DC: "We should not allow fear of change to stand in the way of a healthier and more sustainable downtown."

•   Litt takes a long look (with lots of pix) at Cleveland's new Global Center for Health Innovation: "It may perform brilliantly as a magnet for health-related conventions," but "another service it performs is that of showing off the city itself."

•   Facebook gets into housing within walking distance of its Silicon Valley HQ "to address the housing squeeze affecting the swelling ranks of tech workers" (with "a handful of low-income tenants").

•   Notre Dame is given a bundle for a new school of architecture (no architect named yet, but we're taking bets on what classical architect will get the job).

•   Lexington, KY's CentrePointe project gets another design revamp.

•   Eyefuls of what two firms have in mind to revamp a "seedy Soho alley" in London.

•   Eyefuls of what the five finalists have in mind for Oxford's Oriel College.

•   Rosenbaum queries Lowry re: MoMA's plans for the former American Folk Art Museum: "We're still modeling lots of different options."

•   Rhinehart offers a thoughtful history of Brown University "through the prism of its buildings and landscaping" and "the tension between Brown's vision of itself and its evolving relationship with Providence."

•   Brussat pays tribute to Warner, who "resisted the sterilization and corporatization that have stunted architecture in America" and "his greatest contributions to a re-civilized urbanism."

•   It's a long shortlist vying for The Great Indoors Award 2013.

•   15 reasons to register for World Architecture Day 2013 in NYC, beginning Sunday.

•   One we couldn't resist: Coca-Cola's "Roll Out Happiness" pop-up park "to make concrete jungles less gray."

•   Call for entries: Projects for the first European, Public Interest Design conference in Paris next year (travel expenses included) + 1916 Centenary Chapel at Glasnevin Cemetery Competition.


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