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Today’s News - Friday, September 27, 2013

•   Witherford Watson Mann's Stirling Prize takes everyone by surprise (and bookies' longest odds): Heathcote: "perhaps the most architecturally rewarding and finely designed victor of the past two decades" + Wainwright: "points an intelligent way forward for breathing new life into redundant structures of all kinds" + Woodman: the "astounding remodeling of Astley Castle is a worthy winner" and "a richly deserved triumph" + Olcayto: "it changes the way we look at, and rework, old buildings - a rule-breaker - and a very welcome winner" + The profession reacts: "I wanted Niall McLaughlin's Bishop Edward King Chapel to win." + Miles of fab photos and a video.

•   Hume fumes over proposal to demolish a school and community center for a parking garage so Toronto's Island Airport can expand: "As long as the jets are quiet, they expect Torontonians will be, too."

•   Isozaki and Kapoor's Ark Nova inflatable concert hall set to begin touring earthquake- and tsunami-devastated areas of Japan.

•   Becker brings us eyefuls Mies's revamped Crown Hall at IIT: "glass boxes within the ultimate glass box have become a lightning rod for those unenamored of the changes Dean Arets has made both to the building and the curriculum" (just check the comments!).

•   Betsky returns to Yale for a reunion of early 1980s grads "stuck in Postmodernism. Big surprise: it turns out architecture has not changed that much."

•   Bennett cheers some architects and students who changed direction or left the field "to venture into other creative industries - but that doesn't mean those hours in the studio were a waste."

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Welton is wowed by the line-up for the week-long City Modern fest in NYC, kicking off today.

•   Farrell minces no words about what he thinks of post-war architecture ("freak" and "rubbish") that is the star of "Brutal and Beautiful" show in London (don't miss the amazing photo of 24 of the "living listed"!) + Eyefuls of some of the gems highlighted in the show that looks at "the UK's love/hate relationship with recent architectural history."

•   Eyefuls of renderings in MoMA's "Cut 'n' Paste: From Architectural Assemblage to Collage City" that are "infused with humor, fantasy, nostalgia, and even a dead celebrity or two."

•   Hofman's giant rubber ducky makes its U.S. debut landing on a river in Pittsburgh today.

•   Merrick finds merit in Hollis's "The Memory Palace: A Book of Lost Interiors" for being "a fascinating instruction manual for ways of thinking about the past - he tempts us, mostly charmingly, to remember the art of remembering."

•   "Made in Australia: The Future of Australian Cities" is a "refreshingly 'big picture' book that asks the question - where do we fit the extra 20 million people currently not planned for?"

•   "Sex & Buildings" offers "an offbeat analysis of how 20th-century architecture has liberated our libidos...dreams and desires through design."

•   Q&A with Gorlin re: his new book, "Kabbalah in Art and Architecture," and "how some architects reacted to being called kabbalistic and what he learned from the family astrologer."


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