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Today’s News - Monday, September 16, 2013

•   ArcSpace serves up a London travel guide "with a wink at some of the city's classics" + The "uncrowned queen of contemporary iconic architecture" whose buildings "practically scream, 'I'm a Hadid'" + Eyefuls of Eisenman's Cidade da Cultura de Galicia.

•   In honor of "critic, writer, teacher, public voice of New York" Berman, lost much too soon, a reprise of Pedersen's 2006 Q&A re: Times Square: "It's the sublime that you can reach on the subway."

•   Hawthorne visits Zumthor on his home Alpine turf: "The trip hasn't changed my mind about the potential of his LACMA scheme - easily the most exciting piece of architecture proposed for a major site in Los Angeles," though its "very strength" could be "its Achilles heel."

•   Newel's plea to architecture critics and journalists: "Stop worshipping Zumthor!" (or at least use a thesaurus).

•   Klaus Jacob makes the case for not rebuilding the post-Sandy coastline: "We should be retreating from the shore, not developing structures that will only flood again."

•   Upton reports on New Orleans' "radical new plan for managing floods: Let it happen. (At least in some spots.)"

•   Kennicott offers some serious caveats about the risk of ending Washington, DC's height limits: "the question isn't just about urban design...For now, it is best not to tamper with a law that has for a century saved us from ourselves."

•   Giovannini waxes ever so poetically about the "felt space" of Saarinen's TWA Terminal.

•   Weible has high hopes for efforts bring back the "adorable" WPA-era concrete animal statues that once graced Chicago's public housing playgrounds (adorable, indeed!).

•   Kamin cheers Pelli's DePaul University theater building that offers "a compelling performance of its own"; it is "a boldly sculpted landmark - striking, commodious, and neighborhood-friendly."

•   Rosenbaum riffs on Piano's pavilion for the Kimbell Art Museum: how will it "measure up to the celebrated Kahn building and its highly admired quality of light?" (videos included).

•   An eyeful of KPMB's remodel of the Minnesota Orchestra's home where "black is the new orange" ("but little music will be played there" for the time being).

•   Heathcote hails two homes that "put Oklahoma on architecture map" that represent the "most under-appreciated moments in modernism" (FLW not included).

•   Hawthorne and Hall Kaplan present post-mortems on the Getty's Pacific Standard Time Presents: it was "ambitious but flawed - what the shows suggest most of all is that architecture remains something of a curatorial stepchild" + "Anything that tries to raise the public's design and planning consciousness should be applauded," but it "could have used less hyped 'overdrive' and more erudite oversight."

•   The sad tale of Berlin's rotting amusement park where "attempts to reopen it have been thwarted by administrative chaos and incompetence" (slide show is so sad).

•   Menking reports from the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, "the fist architecture exhibition that does not need, nor even want outside visitors."

•   A good reason to be in Chicago this week: for Level 2013, architects, designers, and artists will transform six spaces along the Chicago River into destination places.

•   Call for entries (registration deadline looms!): Inaugural 2013 Landscape Architecture Awards for Healthcare Environments.

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