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Today’s News - Tuesday, September 10, 2013

•   It's a New York kind of day (mayoral primary and all that jazz): Davidson delves into the decade-plus of NYC's "Bloombergification": he pushed to create "a magnetic city," so "why did so much terrible stuff get built? ...bad, overpriced buildings are the price of civic ambition" (a great read!).

•   Betsky bemoans that "the era of big-thinking, big-city mayors seems to be over" (including Chicago, L.A., and Boston).

•   Chaban parses NYC's efforts to bolster its storm defenses by casting a global net for design ideas: "It's going to take more than stilts and sandbags."

•   Brooklyn could be the next Silicon Valley with WXY's "smart vision for any city seeking to accommodate innovation."

•   Bernheimer and Leven parse Parsons Housing Studio students' post-Sandy designs for resilient public housing.

•   In L.A., the Woodbury ACE program connects architecture students "with social- and environmental-justice causes outside the classroom - disadvantaged people like nice buildings, too" (check out what they did with Lowe's sheds!).

•   Louv looks at "five ways Houston (or insert your city here) could lead the way" to being "even more ambitious than energy efficiency."

•   A new cogeneration plant in Melbourne's "long underprivileged central business district twin" is a new type of public building created by "a state development agency with the vision to embrace the new" (architecture included!).

•   An eyeful to 10 outstanding projects "celebrating the shipping container in architecture."

•   Knight has some nice things to say about Zumthor's LACMA design, but offers up a "quick, relatively inexpensive and aesthetically surefire way to construct a first-rate museum building for art: refurbished factories and warehouses - install the extraordinary inside a vernacular building, and everyday experience is galvanized and transformed."

•   Heathcote hails the "visionaries aiming to make underwater living a reality: Perhaps the last great pioneering land-rush is yet to come."

•   Considering this year's Carbuncle Cup winner, do U.K. student housing standards need an overhaul? Yes, says Michael Chessum/University of London Union; No, says Dav Bansal/Glenn Howells Architects.

•   The EU plans a "radical overhaul of public procurement" that "could transform life for small practices."

•   Six projects with budgets of less than £1 million are in the running for the 2013 Stephen Lawrence Prize.

•   Two we couldn't resist: Seven new phrases for architects, from "architorture" to "vanity height" + Top 11 tips for architecture students, from power napping and when to ignore your tutor, to never use dull blades in model-making (a sharp-blade wound will heal faster).

•   Call for entries: 31st Annual IALD International Lighting Design Awards + 2014 Rome Prize.

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