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Today’s News - Tuesday, August 27, 2013

•   ArcSpace brings us eyefuls of everything from a pavilion for an ancient monument in Spain, to SANAA, OMA, Souto de Moura, and more.

•   Avent narrates a terrific video about "how cities grow, slump and recover" (vintage footage is fab).

•   Q&A with Dubbeldam re: the My Ideal City project to restructure downtown Bogotá "from the roots up."

•   Two young architects offer "highly specific ideas for how policymakers could divide Jerusalem between Israel and Palestine without doing permanent damage to the delicate urban fabric of the city."

•   Russell reviews current Hudson Yards plans with hopes that the designs "are further refined to let sun, shadow and the tantalizing river view dance among the towers" that "would make a surprising, gorgeous contrast with Manhattan's dour grid."

•   Bradley concurs with Saffron's "distaste for the tacky" new Home2Suites hotel in Philly, but says the bigger issue is all those public subsidies.

•   Lewis cheers plans for a Fort Totten makeover that could demonstrate "how constructive urbanization can positively enhance rather than adversely affect existing, low-density residential neighborhoods."

•   Heathcote cheers a trend among young architects "frustrated by a lack of opportunity to build" who are building their own designs: "The result has been an explosion of DIY design - and often quite brilliant invention."

•   Hurley looks at a RIBA campaign urging larger homes: "A policy proposal to make houses bigger? Backed by architects? To an American, it seems almost inconceivable."

•   King is glad to see a revised design for the Apple Store on San Francisco's Union Square that now preserves Asawa's fountain, though for planners, "the satisfaction is more about the building architecture than the nearby art."

•   Pelli tapped "to bring both big-name cachet and airport design expertise" to the design team working on theLouis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans.

•   Kimmelman gives two (if not more!) thumbs-up to new HQ for a Tuscan vintner that "doesn't just occupy the landscape, it becomes the landscape."

•   As Ma Yansong takes "the West by storm, no one can accuse him of playing it safe"; though now "an icon for architecture students and studios across China," he's still "considered something of a rebel."

•   Though LTL's new dorm for the deaf at Gallaudet University may look "utterly familiar," it is "not familiar in the sense of boring."

•   Judge approves demolition of Foster's half-built Harmon tower in Las Vegas - "100% of the elements tested contained at least one defect" (and demolition could take a year).

•   Asmara, Eritrea's "legacy of its Italian colonial past, when architects were given free rein for structures judged too avant-garde back home," is under threat.

•   Williams is cheered to see that graphite seems to be "the new black," though "I am sad to say that I am highly suspicious of the rediscovery, promotion and lauding of hand-drawing - we are in danger of losing the very thing that I enjoy about it: its innocence."

•   Hawthorne is amused by "a tiny monochromatic skyline" that "has been growing in my kitchen" courtesy of Lego's Architecture Studio: "This is a decidedly Corbusian color scheme; as my 9-year-old put it: 'If that was hot pink, it wouldn't look modern.'"

•   Call for entries: Light+Building call for projects for Luminale 2014 - Biennale of Lighting Culture.

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