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Today’s News - Wednesday, August 21, 2013

•   ArcSpace brings us "Bike Town Tokyo," an "inspiring collection of bicycle facts, ideas and suggestions to create bicycle friendly cities"; Stamer's photography lets spaces "unfold in a rarely seen playful manner"; Ghent Market Hall in Belgium; and Brooklyn's Wythe Hotel.

•   Folger offers one of the best in-depth reports we've seen re: what we're facing with rising seas - as coastlines flood, what will we protect and what will we abandon?

•   Danley cheers the inspiring stories of Detroit's DIY citizen activism, but it "can't happen in a vacuum."

•   Perhaps Detroit can learn from Chattanooga, "once the dirtiest place in America," and how it turned itself around: "the river made downtown Chattanooga hip" - because of nonprofits, politicians, and private citizens.

•   Killick offers some caveats re: how Christchurch expands: "We can still have a polycentric city," but more is needed than just a "let-the-market-decide approach. Getting locked into small-town mentality is a danger."

•   After all the hoopla and high hopes, Lexington, KY, is suffering "CentrePointe fatigue" as the "design goes from bad to great to blah."

•   Wainwright weighs in on how China's "rooftops are now fertile ground for a new kind of aerial urbanism" (great pix).

•   Gehry's LVMH Museum in Paris is "flamboyant, over-engineered, and a cultural icon in the making" that "ultimately, the French will grow to love" (lots of pix).

•   Eyefuls of KPF's "high-octane makeover" of the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

•   Norten's Mexican Museum in San Francisco is getting closer to being a reality (oh, those pesky NIMBYs).

•   Safdie's "mega-expansion" of Singapore's already stunning Changi Airport will be a "mixed-use architectural looker. All the other airports might as well give up now. Being stuck in transit can't possibly get any better than this" (waterfall included).

•   TPL picks team for the planned QueensWay elevated park replacing abandoned railroad tracks (please "don't call it a High Line").

•   Szenasy x 2 Q&As: landscape architects Mathews and Nielsen talk about the evolution of their profession and designing for the public realm.

•   She queries Calori on the "little-understood design specialty, environmental graphic design" (full disclosure: C&VE is responsible for ANN's fab look, too!).

•   An in-depth look at "the power of architecture over the human mind" - especially when it comes to "security housing units" (otherwise known as solitary confinement): "architects have a unique stake - an official condemnation could create a thorn in the side of the prison industry - or at least curb the design of 'excessively harsh prisons.'"

•   Lubin makes an argument for why Corbu might not have been wrong in wanting to demolish downtown Paris: he "wanted to replace this urban blight with something incredible" (never mind the local "troglodytes" being relocated to the city's periphery) + Another look at the "rampant development" just beyond Chandigarh's city limits that "threatens to overwhelm Corbu's vision for the carefully planned city."

•   It seems "fitting that two teams from the Asia-Pacific reigned in the first Solar Decathlon ever held in Asia."

•   Eyefuls of the "six buildings that are one step closer to winning architecture's wooden spoon," the 2013 Carbuncle Cup (egads!!!).

•   Help wanted: Cooper Union is looking for a dean for its Chanin School of Architecture.

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