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Today’s News - Thursday, August 8, 2013

EDITOR'S NOTE: Just a reminder that we're taking Fridays and Mondays off through August. We'll be back Tuesday, August 13. Happy Weekend!

•   Taylor reminisces about the "ill-fated" history of LACMA as told in "The Presence of the Past," and while she's a fan of Zumthor, she finds his proposal to be "a blob that could eat Los Angeles" (but "could be cool almost anywhere else").

•   Melbourne picks the HASSELL/Herzog & de Meuron team for the Flinders Street Station make-over (never mind it was third behind the People's Choice pick - three University of Melbourne graduates' very cool proposal).

•   The winning design has some Melburnians raving and others railing ("spaceship" or "pasta tubes" anyone?).

•   Brake breaks the story of Rogers Marvel's "amicable divorce to form two independent practices" (we wish them all good things and continued great success!).

•   Kats reports that Hadid has "incurred the wrath of preservationists and urban denizens" in both Beijing and Belgrade: "'All of our buildings respond to specific site' ring hollow."

•   Kamin sees "all the trappings of sad reversion to business as usual" (despite a "stellar" shortlist) in the decision to not involve the community before an architect is selected for the DePaul arena/event center.

•   Brownell parses two new RMIT University buildings in Melbourne that "could not be more different": is one "frighteningly beautiful or simply frightening?"; is the other "invigorating or merely vigorous?"

•   Guess co-founders tap wHY Architecture to transform "one of Los Angeles' most notorious real estate white elephants" into a private art museum.

•   Rochon cheers the transformation of a highway underpass in Toronto into "a lively park that glows at night" (skateboards and basketballs welcome!).

•   Berman counters claims that "landmarking makes New York unaffordable - landmark designation tends to help, not hinder, the cause of keeping our neighborhoods affordable" (an argument that could apply anywhere).

•   Five projects garner the AIA 2013 Educational Facility Design Excellence Award.

•   Call for entries deadline reminder: Arch Record's Design Vanguard 2013 (submissions due Monday!).

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Webb weaves a rather woeful tale of MOCA's "A New Sculpturalism": "beset by curatorial and funding issues," it turned into "a missed opportunity. The material is fascinating; the presentation sadly deficient. You feel sorry for the younger architects who are most in need of a boost."

•   Hawthorne has a much brighter take on the "revelatory" show, "Never Built: Los Angeles": it is filled with "beautiful architectural ghosts" that have lessons for today's L.A. and its leaders; of course, "not all of the projects provoke regret. More than a few qualify as bullets mercifully dodged."

•   Amelar agrees: "'Never Built' exuberantly illuminates" that "the evolution of an urban area lies not only in what gets built - or demolished - but also in what fails to rise there" (dodging bullets included).

•   Rossi finds it "encouraging that such a high profile architect has not used the exhibition format for self-aggrandizement," but "as a platform to promote a message" - one "that makes 'Richard Rogers: Inside Out' such a worthwhile visit."

•   The Skyscraper Museum reprises "Urban Fabric: Building New York's Garment District" - in the Garment District.

•   Sorkin seems more than a bit sour on Duany and Talen's "Landscape Urbanism and its Discontents": "Their critique is antique," and "winds up as another - and completely unnecessary - iteration of that beloved chestnut, New Urbanism vs. Modernism" (a nag and a glue factory included - Duany's lengthy rebuttal is worth a look, too!).

•   "Archive: Design Biennial Boston" is more than a showcase of new architecture from Massachusetts - it's "a lever to pry open opportunities in this often hidebound city for young Boston architects."

•   Filler expounds most eloquently about Michael Arad in an excerpt from "Makers of Modern Architecture, Volume II": Arad's 9/11 Memorial has "ratified him as one of the signal place-makers of our time."

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