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Today’s News - Tuesday, July 30, 2013

•   Sheppard takes a deep dive into why we're not prepared for the next big superstorm: "we pretend the next storm won't happen - and flush billions in disaster relief down the drain. Put another way: We're already deep under water" (a must-read!).

•   Cagle takes a long look at the dark side of San Francisco's tech cash boom that "is redefining what public and private really mean in all civic spaces - and the implications are not as bright, shiny, and truly shareable" as some would have us believe - "the 'prosperity' doesn't really trickle down."

•   Quirk, meanwhile, looks at how "the private sector has become Detroit's only beacon of hope" - it's all that tech cash (note to Detroiters: there's lessons to be learned in them thar San Fran hills).

•   Krugman calls Atlanta "the Sultan of Sprawl" where disadvantaged workers often can't get to where the jobs are, which "reinforces the case for 'smart growth' urban strategies, which try to promote compact centers with access to public transit."

•   Q&A with Crankshaw re: the "do's and don'ts for livable downtowns": "DON'T design for visitors. Design for your own residents."

•   Q&A with landscape architect Chapman re: his role as the lead designer of Alkimos Beach, a new regional center north of Perth: "urban design is a natural extension of the practice."

•   Hume fumes about a Toronto neighborhood fighting a "reading garden" next to its library out of fear of crime: "This sort of knee-jerk negativism has become standard in cities."

•   Wainwright, on the other hand, cheers the "wilderness" London's Olympic Park has become: "an overgrown playground" with "a refreshing lack of health and safety obstruction."

•   An eyeful of Hadid's museum embedded in an Alpine slope.

•   An amusing take on Gehry's "perfectly frank" musings about L.A.'s missed architectural opportunities (and the aquatic influence on his own designs "wasn't just that my grandmother brought home fish").

•   Kamin gets a gander at Gehry's 7.5-ton Icehenge "minispectacle" of a security desk in Chicago's Inland Steel Building: while some tenants wonder, "When will it melt?" he advises "enjoy its virtues. Like all lobby furniture, it's not forever."

•   Eliasson had no idea that proposal ARoS Aarhus Art Museum "would change the landscape and identity of an entire city."

•   A British architect finds "joy and relief" that his new "fish hook" bridge in New Zealand is beautiful (and works!).

•   Parsons taps McGrath as new dean of the School of Constructed Environments.

•   Five contrasting views about whether architecture students should be taught sustainable design.


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