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Today’s News - Tuesday, July 23, 2013

•   Eyefuls of the "ambitious" designs proposed by the six (impressive) finalists in Melbourne's Flinders Street Station competition (whether the winning one will be built is still to be determined).

•   OMA is on roll: after winning big in Miami Beach, it's been tapped to redevelop 19 acres of Greenwich Peninsula in east London.

•   For Naimi, the "silver lining" in Detroit's bankruptcy is "there seems to be an actual plan that we will follow. What we have done in the past did not work" (finding the "'fun' in Dysfunction is not sustainable").

•   Chambers explains how "elderly-centered urbanism could help create sustainable developments with a soul."

•   Hawthorne spends some serious time reacquainting himself with LACMA's "potentially doomed buildings" and finds some surprises: "there is a very fine line between a building that is unfashionable and one that is ripe for rediscovery" (a great read).

•   Dallas Museum of Art's Anderson is a bit scorched that the Nasher is being "reduced to an anecdote in the media" because of the burning problems with heat/light reflections off Museum Tower.

•   Byrnes explains "how we ruined Gruen's plan for more walkable, tight-knit American downtowns" by turning them into "a formulaic collection" of enclosed spaces surrounded by parking lots: he "would probably be happy to know the American shopping mall is on its way to becoming a relic."

•   Rybczynski takes on devotees of parametric design: "nothing ages faster than yesterday's vision of the future. Just ask Jules Verne...Don't put away the soft pencils and yellow trace just yet" (with Hadid "a poster child for the caulking industry" - your other must-read of the day).

•   A departing politician decided he wanted to show what Libeskind's planned Holocaust memorial for Columbus, OH, will look like with "a ramshackle mock-up" (an "infuriated" Nina called it "very cynical").

•   Meier may be the latest starchitect on Tel Aviv's skyline with a tower he thinks "symbolizes an ongoing optimism" ("the architectural contribution is still in doubt").

•   With London set to get its own High Line park, the "trend for cultivating green spaces in the city looks set to spread."

•   It's a great time to head to the beaches with new comfort stations that are "perhaps the most radical addition" to NYC's coastline, and "eclectic" beach pavilion designs that "will ratchet up to a whole new level" in Sarasota County, FL.

•   Foster's Gherkin is named CTBUH's inaugural 10 Year Award winner.

•   Eyefuls of the winning designs in the International Gastronomic Center/IGC Brussels student competition.

•   Call for entries/Deadline extended: Workplace of the Future Design Competition.


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