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Today’s News - Monday, July 15, 2013

•   Davidson offers one of the most thoughtful (and poetic) pieces we've read on the history and future of NYC's waterfront: "Hurricane Sandy demonstrated that we can't get away, we can't confine it, and we can't beat it back...the only option is a cautious love."

•   Capps cheers the "scaffolding creeping up" the Washington Monument "like kudzu": "Let's keep it that way - it hasn't looked so good in years."

•   Roche cheers the possibility of legislation that will make open, public design competitions standard for national memorials, putting an end to "the unusual process that led to Gehry's selection" for the Eisenhower Memorial.

•   High hopes x 3 in India: that the draft Chandigarh Master Plan 2031 will preserve "the city's monumental architecture, principles of town planning of sun, space, and verdure, as enunciated by Le Corbusier."

•   Hariharan on "why we are happy that environment-friendly construction is being driven by the bottom line" across India.

•   Siraj takes a look at "a movement to popularize cost-effective and environment-friendly construction...that also brings in elegance" - and affordability.

•   A look at P.A.T.H., the Starck/Riko design series of prefab homes that have "zero-energy or even positive-energy potential" (no mention of affordability).

•   STUDIO V tapped to design a $500 million TOD for Stamford, CT.

•   Moore's take on "what tech giants' buildings say about them" - from "groundscrapers" to "compound-as-kindergarten" to "not being entirely of this planet."

•   Kats tries to fathom the Whitney's wish for an "aesthetically unremarkable" building "designed to be looked out of, not looked at" (and a missed opportunity).

•   Cheers for the SCAPE/Rogers Marvel "plans to make Minneapolis's riverfront a sight to behold."

•   Henry Ford's Highland Park complex in Detroit "is a step closer to seeing new life" as an automobile heritage welcome center.

•   Glancey and Moore give Rogers the "towering genius" treatment: one "reviews a glittering career"; the other finds revelation in revisiting three houses he built in the 1960s, "when he was an ambitious but struggling architect."

•   AIA National Healthcare Design Awards honor 12 projects.

•   Two we couldn't resist:

•   Becker brings us a "who knew?!": Chicago's newest Gehry is an iceberg of a reception desk in the landmarked Inland Steel Building: "once we get used to it, it will become one of those funky objects beloved by the Chicago public."

•   NYC's newest hotspot is kept at an icy 29 degrees Fahrenheit; it'll cost you $20 to get in to buy a drink (loaner parkas included).


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