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Today’s News - Monday, June 24, 2013

•   We lose Henning Larsen, a "master of light" who walked away from his opera house in Copenhagen because "it looked like Buick," but "the man who paid for it wanted it that way."

•   Miami Beach Convention Center Advisory Board gives the nod to the BIG team (over OMA - though we won't know who actually wins until July).

•   Heathcote x 2: He strolls Marseille's revamped waterfront and likes what he sees (much of it, anyway - a great read) + Two schemes in England and Egypt may seem to have little in common, "yet the architecture of both settlements has more in common than it might first appear."

•   Wainwright reports that Heatherwick's Olympic cauldron has "fanned flames of fury at an American design studio."

•   Saffron gives (mostly) thumbs-up for a "tide" of apartment towers in Philadelphia "rolling westward, and it's looking like a tsunami" (she may not be thrilled with all the designs, but "at least the developers have learned some important lessons in urbanism").

•   A new tower in Milwaukee may have "lost some of its swagger" because of value engineering, "but it's still minor miracle a building this good was created - with HUD money no less"; hopefully, another being built on public land will not be just "a tall closet for fancy people."

•   Lamster lambasts "an act of brazen philistinism" with the "surprise destruction of a modernist gem" in Fort Worth "before a campaign could be mounted in its defense."

•   What "could become the teardown of all teardowns" in Wisconsin: a 1970 Giurgola that sold for $10 million could join an increasing number of demolished lakeside houses that include an FLW, a Rapson, and a Gehry.

•   Wainwright ponders the point of architecture and design festivals as "the world is inundated with design fairs": the good ones "show the power that fleeting festivities can have when they are linked to real issues in a city. And when commercial promotion is not the only goal."

•   Calys cheers San Francisco's trifecta of shows dedicated to Italian design.

•   Patton pays tribute to FLW's "theatrical auto showroom" on Park Avenue: "A small landmark of New York City architectural and automotive history disappeared recently, almost without notice."

•   Pickrel mourns the passing of Wright's "bijou": "It wasn't a masterwork, but it was the master's work. A hidden gem in plain sight."

•   The 2013 AZ Awards represent "a global snapshot of the world of architecture and design."

•   Call for entries: AIA San Francisco Constructed Realities competitions (you don't have to be an AIASF member) + 3rd ISARCH Awards for Architecture Students.


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