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Today’s News - Tuesday, June 4, 2013

•   Westwater has a very different take than Hawthorne (see Yesterday's News) re: Zumthor's LACMA plan: its "ability to function within the urban infrastructure and its ability to properly display art appears to have become an after-thought to the theoretical and architectural conceits."

•   Merrick, Long, and Woodman offer their takes on Fujimoto's Serpentine Pavilion: it "hits the 'delight' button, in particular, with great panache"; the architect is "part of a new generation of architects, far from the ageing enfants terribles who have gone before him"; "the most ineffable contribution to the program yet - a place to explore rather than simply gawp at" (hopefully without hazard tape).

•   Olcayto weighs in on why the proposed redevelopment of Istanbul's Gezi Park has provoked riots + A statement by the Turkish Architects Association.

•   Goodyear recommends a 2011 documentary that is a "scathing critique of Istanbul's urban planning policies" that "have fueled the anger in the streets."

•   Lahore authorities want to restore the splendor of the Walled City, but "as ever in Pakistan, this is less simple than it might sound" - especially when they have to deal with street vendors and developers (and the local mafia).

•   A fascinating report about China's NIMBY protests - "it is a lopsided struggle due to a failure to balance interests and form consensus."

•   Düsseldorf partners with Wuxi, China: can two very different cities find common solutions to climate when the collaboration is set to end before implementation even starts (data gathering is one problem).

•   Jaffe explains "why we shouldn't rely on smart growth incentives to fix sprawl."

•   Who do you think should win the OMA vs. BIG "Miami showdown"?

•   Holl's Maggie's centre in London is set for approval, despite a series of objections.

•   After four years "wrangling by local politicians," the Munch Museum on Oslo's waterfront gets the go-ahead.

•   Conti cheers the nearly 10-years-long restoration of Pittsburgh's Point State Park that "hews faithfully to the dramatic intent of the park's original designers."

•   Litt cheers plans for a gigantic chandelier for Cleveland's PlayhouseSquare: "The idea sounds glitzy, audacious and maybe even a bit surreal," but it "just might turn out to be a brilliant move."

•   Menking pays tribute to Soleri: "He was a brilliant designer and one wishes he had stuck a little more closely to design, rather than trying to solve all the world's ills."

•   Eyefuls of the 2013 Australian Interior Design Awards.

•   Call for entries: A House for Pink Floyd international architecture contest.


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