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Today’s News - Tuesday, May 21, 2013

•   Russell weighs in on the Pritzker "snub of women": "Talented women designers must still challenge a presumption that they aren't the master builder types. This 'great man, big building' myth has long damaged architecture."

•   Welton walks through Woltz's plans for 14 acres of grand parks and open spaces at NYC's Hudson Yards: if he "gets it right, we'll see a delicate appreciation for scale and proportion...if he can harness it all successfully here, the city will bask in a new kind of glory."

•   Bergen takes a look at revised plans for Chicago's Navy Pier: it adds urban park elements, but "does not include some of the more dramatic elements" of the earlier proposal (oh, those pesky budgets).

•   Volner parses an Argentinean developer's starchitect-designed plans for Miami: "his brand of culture-and-commerce urbanism may prove more effective in giving developers a quick burst of good publicity than in making lasting contributions to the city's cultural life."

•   Engberg finds much to like in Godsell's RMIT Design Hub, an "almost armadillo-like, samurai chest-plate-wearing building - rigorous, uncompromising and beautiful, it is already iconic" (great slide show).

•   Davidson wanders the restored Donald Judd Loft with art critic Saltz: ARO "made a lot of great invisible decisions... achieving simplicity means hiding a lot of mess"; "It's not a 'how the great man lived' mausoleum or reliquary."

•   The Atlanta Falcons may have chosen 360 Architecture for its new stadium, but the four others on the shortlist are worth a look, too.

•   The Minnesota Vikings are in for a "similarly eye-snagging design," this time by HKS - the "giant immobile Sandcrawler" is "pretty darn striking."

•   Wainwright ponders the Carbuncle Cup: there are so many architecture awards around these days that "the phrase 'award-winning architect' has never been so meaningless. But there is one prize that the profession does its best to avoid winning."

•   Bey comes across a 1989 PBS documentary re: Chicago's Harold Washington Library competition, with the shortlisted architects "damning each other's designs with the faintest of praise," and a "critique of each design that is both erudite and devastating" (and they're all so young!).

•   An amusing conversation between Nouvel and fashion designer Alaïa re: working together for the first time on "The Marriage of Figaro" for the Los Angeles Philharmonic: "I accepted because of you."

•   Fifty-four fabulous organizations garner 2013/2014 ArtPlace America grants totaling $15.2 million to support their work in creative placemaking in their communities.


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