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Today’s News - Wednesday, May 15, 2013

•   In our fourth Nuts + Bolts, Whitehorn puts a focus on internal organization and clearly defined workflows that will put you on the right track to long-term growth.

•   Russell ruminates on NYC's "grimy Madison Square Garden," the 50 years of hope "that one day the wrecking ball will swing," and MAS "turning up the heat."

•   Cala calculates the trials and tribulations that have befallen some of Calatrava's "flowing, modernist projects."

•   Woodman parses a debate between classicists and modernists: are the architectural style wars over? ("we shouldn't fool ourselves - it's still us and them")

•   Willis and Banner debate: "When should spouses or partners be retroactively considered in the presentation of an award, honor or place in history?" (could they possibly be referring to the Pritzker Prize?!!?)

•   Wainwright wanders the Correa exhibition at the RIBA with the architect to find out why, after "a monotonous diet of Mies van der Rohe, he glimpsed the future and decided it wasn't for him" (then there's Mumbai's skyline of "idiot buildings").

•   What the first female president of the Federation of Caribbean Association of Architects has on her agenda: "she hopes to raise the standards of architecture in the Caribbean."

•   Gensler's I.D.E.A. District in San Diego is "aimed at businesses in innovation, design, education and the arts" (with housing included).

•   Sunset Magazine sets its sights on Seabrook, not far from Seattle, to develop the Sunset Idea Town to showcase the principles of a New Urbanist Town.

•   An eyeful of DawnTown's 2013 Landmark Miami Competition winners (wow!).

•   Toronto's Green Line Ideas Competition winners offer some pretty cool visions to transform a piece of infrastructure into exemplary public space.

•   An impressive shortlist of creative directors (teams, actually) for Australia's entry in the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale.

•   Two we couldn't resist: the "10 Most Inspirational TED Talks for Architects" that "might enlighten, educate or even enrage you." + TJ Plunkitt predicts L.A.'s next mayor from "the modest food stand on the depressingly drab second floor of City Hall."

•   Call for entries: Metropolis/Staples Workplace of the Future Design Competition + Registration deadline reminder: FAR ROC [For a Resilient Rockaway].


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