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Today’s News - Monday, May 13, 2013

•   Kimmelman and de Monchaux weigh in on MoMA's re-thinking of AFAM's future now DS+R is on board: "Last week was a good one for common sense and manning the barricades" + "The "weather-beaten and shimmering" building "looks like it has been - and will be - there forever" (both great reads).

•   You offers a nifty round-up of the decade-long work by innovative mayors of Medellín: "who in the world would have used a ski lift to connect slum dwellers with the backbone of a city" or "planted a world-class library at the apex of a slum?"

•   Chaban reports on the "Post-Sandy Initiative Report" (spearheaded by AIANY): a key focus is protecting the waterfront without abandoning it" (other cities would do well to give it a read).

•   A new smart growth guide offers the "how" of doing all the great things other smart growth guides tell us to do.

•   Jacobs is more optimistic than she thought she'd be re: the evolution of Two Trees plans for NYC's Domino Sugar site: "it's this weirdly old-school quality, more than the eye candy, that makes me think Dominotown could be the first credible piece of 21st-century urbanism on either side of the East River." (another great read!)

•   Rochon bemoans some big development scandals in Montreal, but is heartened by some "modest, meaningful works of architecture and joyous pop-up landscapes that are left standing with integrity fully intact."

•   An old Rotterdam department store restored as the plinth of a new housing block: "New life for an old grande dame under a new protector? Or a tough old bird providing a nest for a huge new cuckoo?"

•   Bozikovic cheers Quadrangle's "gutsy" design for Enigma Lofts: "It reflects some smart city-building and also a mad spirit of invention" - it is "in a sense a lab for the future of Toronto housing."

•   Meanwhile, Pei Partnership teams with Quadrangle and others for a 56-story modernist condo tower in midtown Toronto.

•   Wainwright x 2: he muses on OMA's "big underpants" CCTV HQ's (fitting?) new neighbor: does it remind you of anything?

•   He cheers a Dutch city's initiative to give first-time buyers a "chance to get on housing ladder" with flatpack homes that also gives young architects a chance to get into house-building - the "momentum is beginning to build in the UK."

•   Viglucci reports on "architect, thinker, provocateur" Koolhaas in South Beach: "When it comes to Miami, he's is no parachuting starchitect."

•   Calys hopes the Presidio takes notes on Cavallo Point and the redevelopment of Fort Baker: it is "one of those all-too-rare developments where developer, design team, and the National Park Service collaborated" to perfection.

•   Ulam digs deep into the "murky ethics and uncertain longevity of privately financed public parks": can these public-private partnerships (i.e. High Line, Millennium Park, etc.) "be financially self-sustaining without completely selling out"? (good question!)

•   Rawsthorn cheers because the "world of architecture finally appreciates the art" of Bucky's geodesic domes.

•   Bernstein lunches with Lambert (at the Four Seasons - where else?).

•   Bernaskoni - apparently "Russia's most in-demand architect - laments the fact that the discipline has become infected with popularism."

•   Call for entries: AIASF's 3rd Annual Architecture at Zero international open ideas competition.


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