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Today’s News - Tuesday, May 7, 2013

EDITOR'S NOTE: With early morning commitments tomorrow, we will not be posting, but we'll be back Thursday, May 9.

•   Heymann explains why he thinks Williams and Tsien's AFAM "is a great Modernist building" that should be "part of the MoMA collection, rather than its campus."

•   Gray presents a most interesting history showing AFAM "isn't the first important building to get in MoMA's way."

•   Davidson minces no words about what thinks of "a three-pronged corporate invasion of public land" in Flushing Meadows Corona Park: "These gifts bedazzle bureaucrats, but here are good reasons to be skeptical of the new sugarplum visions."

•   FEMA gives the final thumbs-down to the University of Iowa's pleas for funds to repair Holl's flood-damaged Museum of Art - the "current building likely will be put toward a different use."

•   Lewis x 2: he cheers three new DC-area developments (lots of New Urbanist elements), "but who can afford them?"

•   He calls for the U.S. to follow the European model, and change "public housing" to "social housing": "Clearly, affordable housing strategies need a makeover. Let's change our thinking and vocabulary."

•   Wainwright visits two self-build co-housing projects - one is "very much not another Poundbury"; the other is a "legal and financial model that is nothing short of revolutionary."

•   Bullivant reports on a £6.6 billion IT hub in Ghana that "will offer technological, socio-cultural, touristic and investment opportunities."

•   Will AS+GG's 116-story tower in Mumbai really "confuse the wind" (and really be built)?

•   Henley is not convinced by FCBS's plans for London's South Bank Centre: "I haven't seen a more out-of-scale extension" since Michael Graves' proposed 1985 "Post-Modern giant" for the Whitney Museum (great history, too).

•   Pogrebin reports on Norten's plans for a NY public library branch "designed to emphasize places to congregate rather than those for books."

•   "Only if you stare really hard, will you realize that there's a modern high-rise office building on top" of Tokyo's newly-renovated Kabuki theater, courtesy of Kuma.

•   Mouzon muses on the "7 reasons architecture (as we know it) is over" (he's more optimistic than the title lets on).

•   HLM rescues Llewelyn Davies, which "scuppers" part of Ken Yeang's plans.

•   ASLA's Business Quarterly survey shows things are looking up for landscape architects (more work, more hires!).

•   Fire claims part of the Heidelberg Project, but the artist will rebuild - again - "the meaning of the project will once again deepen...tied to the epic struggle of modern Detroit and the power of art to transform experience and remake the world."

•   Hill queries a number of architectural publishers re: the state of architectural publishing today.

•   Call for entries: 2013 HYP Cup International Student Competition: "Architecture in Transformation."


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