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Today’s News - Friday, May 3, 2013

•   We lose Henry Hope Reed, an architecture critic and historian, a champion of classicism and master of "curmudgeonly barbs" thrown at Modernism + Brussat revisits his walking tour of Providence with Reed: "Meet classicism personified."

•   Bates Smart's Vivian weighs in on the debates still swirling around the Barangaroo development: what will it give Sydney? " activated urban waterfront precinct. Whether the architecture will deliver design excellence, it is simply too early to tell."

•   Betsky's take-away from the Holcim Forum: "It's too easy to lose the forest for the trees when talking about sustainability" (idealism met reality).

•   Lubenau's final stop on her tour of Bruner Award finalists: the Steel Yard in Providence, RI, an ongoing redevelopment of an industrial site into "a campus for arts education, workforce training, and small-scale manufacturing."

•   Rawn to tackle the renovation of Johnson's 1971 Boston Public Library Branch (a "mid-century monolith likened by many to a bunker or mausoleum") - though locals worry that its best parts will be handed over to commercial enterprises ("Is it too late to tear it down?").

•   An eyeful of Rockwell's "treehouse-esque" playground bound for Brownsville, Brooklyn.

•   Call for entries (registration and submission deadlines extended!): 2013-14 City of Dreams Pavilion Design Competition.

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Starting today, Flint's "Free City" will transform Chevy-in-the-Hole, a mile-long stretch of former GM factories, into a spectacular landscape of light and sound.

•   On a perhaps less diverting note, Hawthorne and Lubell continue their hunt for what's behind the possible dismounting of Mount's MOCA show: the curator "took issue with the suggestion that the uncertainty surrounding the show had to do with its curatorial approach" + "The Frank Gehry thing is a total smokescreen."

•   On a brighter note for The Getty's Pacific Standard Time Presents, "Outside In: The Architecture of Smith and Williams" at UC Santa Barbara "examines their designs as a quintessential expression of postwar California ideas about the relationship of architecture to environment."

•   Wainwright and Bullivant find much to like in the Design Museum's "United Micro Kingdoms": "It is beautiful, funny and clever - and may just change the way you look at the world." + It is "one of the museum's most speculative design exhibitions to date" that redesigns "the real world as a thought experiment."

•   Saarinen takes center stage at the Museum of Design Atlanta in a show that "includes things that no one else has ever seen."

•   "Peter Corrigan: Cities of Hope" at Melbourne's RMIT Gallery "celebrates the life and work of colorful Melbourne architect and theatre designer" and "provides a compelling insight into the diversity of inspiration that drives creative designers."

•   Merrick looks at "the arty side of Norman Foster," who has curated a show of his own art collection in a French museum he designed more than 20 years ago.

•   Hawthorne cheers Lambert's "Building Seagram": "it is a study of architectural patronage, one of the most underexplored topics in the profession."

•   Q&A with Dyja re: "The Third Coast: When Chicago Built the American Dream," and "a few of the brilliant people and deep conflicts that made that prairie land so powerful."


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