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Today’s News - Thursday, April 18, 2013

•   We lose Pedro Ramirez Vazquez, an architect who "changed the face of Mexico City."

•   Goldberger weighs in on the MoMA/AFAM debate: "Why is the Museum of Modern Art dead set on perpetrating a hideous act of architecture-cide?" ("the sorry sight of cultural institutions acting like real-estate developers is all too familiar").

•   Architects start dreaming up alternatives to MoMA's tear-down plan (It was just a matter of time).

•   A few more bleak news items: owners of the Ysios winery in Spain want Calatrava to pay new architects to design a better roof - one that doesn't leak (and that's not the only project with problems).

•   Starchitects get on board with plea to save Moscow's iconic Melnikov House that "is showing signs of serious structural damage as work continues on a large complex next door."

•   More on those mourning the loss of FLW's Park Ave. auto showroom (coming soon in its place: a bank branch - what else?).

•   Chaban reports on NYC's just-launched FAR ROC competition "to use an 80-acre piece of oceanfront property in Queens as a laboratory for possible storm-resistant residential development" + FAR ROC call for entries.

•   Kotkin takes on the "density delusion" and why urban theorists are wrong in thinking more people equal more wealth.

•   A new RIBA survey reports some sad results: "Small architects have little chance of making it big," and mid-size firms are finding it "crushingly hard to stay afloat."

•   Why developers in Vietnam tend to avoid local talent and hire (expensive) foreign architects: "The weakness of Vietnam's architectural firm is the poor spirit of cooperation and weak teamwork skills" (among other problems).

•   Hume responds to complaints that Toronto's new Bridgepoint Hospital spent too much on design: "What the bottom-liners ignore are the ways in which excellence, not to mention beauty, create value."

•   Szenasy queries Guenther re: her hopes for Health Products Disclosure: "If they don't tell you what's in it, you probably don't want what's in it."

•   Heathcote on winning the Design Museum's Design of the Year: the "awards have once again managed to confound expectations" (in a good way, we think).

•   Moneo "may be the greatest living architect in Europe," so why, in the U.S. do "we barely know his name"?

•   NEA announces new research grants to "increase the understanding of how art works and its impacts on communities."

•   LIGHTFAIR International Conference about to alight in Philadelphia.

•   VERGE Boston: Where tech meets sustainability doesn't verge on the city until May - but early-bird rate ends tomorrow.


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