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Today’s News - Monday, April 15, 2013

•   McGuigan finds "six ironies of a bad decision" (and then some) when it comes to MoMA's plans to flatten Williams & Tsien's American Folk Art Museum.

•   Filler fulminates against "MoMA's act of vandalism - this needless desecration will remain a permanent blot on the reputation of those responsible for it."

•   Chaban, meanwhile, discovers that FLW's little-known luxury car showroom on Park Ave. has oh-so quietly bitten the dust (despite pending landmark status).

•   Wainwright, on a brighter preservation note, tells us about how it's come about that a French designer is transforming Corbu's Cité Radieuse rooftop gym into an art space (and hopes for the best for this "PR stuntman").

•   In Miami, a "dedicated and determined group of preservationists is tantalizingly close to breathing new life" into Candela's "beloved" Marine Stadium - "but hurdles remain" (great read).

•   Rochon taps a pollster to find out what urban Millennials want: "Cities plodding along according to post-war principles of planning that privileged roadways for cars - not people - do so at their peril."

•   Saffron cheers a Philly developer who has turned from high-end condos to "mission-driven" projects like affordable workforce housing (for young teachers, no less) - without abandoning a commitment to good design.

•   Moore isn't much impressed with one of the new crop of "standardized schools" that "resembles nothing so much as a modified shopping shed," and "treats its users like passive consumers, like internet shoppers or Ikea victims" (so much for inspiring educational environments!).

•   Hawthorne weighs in on the "ambitious" Piano/Pali plans for the Motion Picture Academy museum in L.A.: "its leaders haven't studied in full the tumultuous history of ambitious architecture at the LACMA site." + Pond ponders: "Is the Academy building a Death Star at its new museum?" (from pix, one might think so).

•   Small firms who had high hopes to "carve out a niche as go-to experts for the green ideas" in post-Sandy rebuilding are not having an easy time of it: "The procurement process is so broken."

•   Garrison Architects is one that seems to have lucked out, designing 17 new facilities for New York's Sandy-ravaged beaches (pre-fabricated in Chicago).

•   Quirk gets into prefab with a Q&A with Romero, whose designs are "more than deserving of the high praise they've garnered."

•   We are saddened by the news that Llewelyn Davies Yeang has closed its doors after 53 years.

•   Some incredibly ingenious and awe-inspiring entries (having nothing to do with architecture) are on the Design Museum's shortlist for Designs of the Year 2013 (overall winner will be announced tomorrow).

•   Also awesome: Aitken's new video installation on the Seattle Art Museum's facade - truly "liquid architecture."


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