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Today’s News - Monday, April 8, 2013

•   ArcSpace brings us Sambuichi Architects' stunning nature observatory in Kobe, Japan.

•   Burrows digs deep into what's really going on behind the scenes with Apple's $5 billion "doughnut" HQ, now trying to shave $1 billion off - lots of intriguing insider disclosures (one of several must-reads today).

•   Saffron takes in GlaxoSmithKline's new HQ in Philly's Navy Yard: it's "a boho loft space in conventional corporate clothing," and "a social disrupter that promises to shake up the way we work, as well as our cities" (we saw it, and she's right!).

•   A great Q&A with Denise Scott Brown re: the petition to put her name on the 1991 Pritzker Architecture Prize, sexism in architecture, and her career in design.

•   Eisenman and Krier have a spirited debate re: Albert Speer and whether "a war criminal can be a great artist," Poundbury, master planning, and so much more.

•   Zandberg talks to an Israeli historian about the Nazi government being "the first in history to pass a law protecting the natural environment, but saving the planet wasn't high on their priority list."

•   Pyzik takes on Chernobyl and "'urban explorers' obsessed with so-called 'ruin porn' - its tourism status as a toxic Disneyland ceases to be as innocent as it once was."

•   Pearman visits the reopened Rijksmuseum: it's not quite the marvel one would expect after 10 years and €375 million, "but it's good - hats off to the engineers" (as he told us, "I love the underwater-concrete thing. Digging a basement in Holland was never going to be easy").

•   Heathcote x 2: he finds São Paulo a "museum of modernism" with an "exhilarating, inventive use of civic space."

•   He dissects the "shared influence" of Rietveld's Schröder House and the Eames House, "quite clearly designed for living in and among the most radical but also, it seems, the most comfortable small houses of the 20th century."

•   The Shed gives London's Southbank "an injection of color" with "a striking, exciting structure" that is "rugged, but ready to be used and enjoyed."

•   Calys cheers the new Museum of Craft and Design in "the current hippest neighborhood in San Francisco."

•   Lange ponders "what's so great about 'timeless' design" in downtown Portland, which "turns out to be an excellent place to explore the definition of timeless in architecture."

•   Four Charleston firms band together on new downtown housing development.

•   A new prize in memory of a young Australian architect who disappeared in Iran in 1993 will award new research on architecture in the public realm.

•   America's Top Small Town ArtPlaces 2013 salutes smaller communities "where the arts are central to creating the kinds of places where people want to live, work, and visit."


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