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Today’s News - Monday, April 1, 2013

•   A Dallas architecture expert takes on Hawthorne's take-down of Mayne's Perot Museum: "Christopher has some good points, especially in the building's hostility to its surroundings, but from the perspective of a 10-year-old - no one cares at all."

•   Moore minces no words when it comes to a "modern mishmash" that is a new addition to a Sheffield hospital that came at the cost of a landmarked wing ("dangers lurking in our new planning laws").

•   Calys weighs in on the prospects for three contentious San Francisco projects that "include one certainty: the clash of the titans will be vociferous."

•   Saffron makes the case that billions for big highway projects would be better spent on transit: a "schizoid approach has cost us dearly. No highway project has ever made a city a better place to live. Yet we continue to treat mass transit like an unloved stepchild."

•   The new developer of the massive Domino Sugar project in Dumbo (Brooklyn) took a novel approach that should end up as a sweet deal for the entire neighborhood - it is "a paradigm that others would be wise to adopt" (they went to the community first - what a concept!).

•   Hume hails the "brilliant" makeover of a 60-year-old Toronto library branch that turned "a dark and dingy space into one people would choose to spend time," and "a powerful symbol of what lies ahead" for a neighborhood with one of the lowest literacy rates in the city.

•   Heathcote x 2: he heaps high praise on Amsterdam's restored Rijksmuseum: it is "as sophisticated, minimal and understated as Pierre Cuypers' original was grand, eclectic and overblown - it not only looks wonderful but also works wonderfully well."

•   He has an enlightening conversation with Pritzker-winner Wang Shu, who "cuts an intriguing figure in Chinese architecture."

•   Rochon is "in love with trees, and the potential for poetic, resilient architecture built from them," especially in Vancouver.

•   One of those architects "says his wooden towers can help offset climate change. Can he find a client willing to go out on a limb and build one?"

•   Arthur Erickson's Vancouver bungalow that sits on property "prized by developers" faces the wrecking ball; the house may not be much, but it is "a unique site with a rich history and one of the first true West Coast modern gardens."

•   Speaking of which, April is National Landscape Architecture Month: Healthy Living Through Design (and lots going on!).

•   A "delicious - and staggeringly creative - feast" of 100 Big Ideas (we agree with most of them).

•   Call for entries (and lots of 'em!): 2013 Burnham Prize Competition: NEXT STOP - Designing Chicago BRT Stations + Redesigning Detroit: A New Vision for an Iconic Site + 2013 Innovation By Design Awards + IFAC 2013 Sunshade Competition open to students and young professionals + 2nd HYP Cup 2013 International Student Competition: "Architecture in Transformation: The Disappearance of Architectures."

•   Happy April Fool's Day! (not that any of us are, right?)


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