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Today’s News - Tuesday, March 26, 2013

•   Pedersen takes down The New Republic's take-down of Make It Right (yay! we say...).

•   Hawthorne doesn't just rain on Mayne - he dumps a verbal typhoon on his Perot Museum in Dallas: it "belongs to a preening old breed"; "a thoroughly cynical piece of work"; "a kind of bullhorn urbanism" (and that's the good news).

•   On a more positive note, SANAA's González talks about how architects have become "the voice of the people" in post-earthquake/tsunami Japan.

•   MacGillis ponders the urbanization of Beltway sprawl: can municipalities "redeem the planning and development sins of the second half of the 20th century" ("nothing says bright lights, big city like Potemkin retail in shipping containers designed by a handful of 20-year-olds!").

•   Glaeser offers "five somewhat contradictory lessons from Detroit's sad history that relate to the larger national debate" (beware of big-project binges).

•   Wainwright is a bit wary of (and hopeful about) Farrell's independent review into the U.K.'s architecture policy: it's "something of a surprise, given that we don't have an architecture policy."

•   Betsky is more than bothered that an upcoming NYT sustainability conference includes no architects: "Is that because architects have created too many bad buildings and planners too many dysfunctional city plans?"

•   Davidson plays mayor in SimCity: "The game is a totalitarian dream...a candy-colored illustration of city planning at its most brutally amoral" (a hoot of a read!).

•   Indianapolis transforms its old 1931 art deco ballpark into loft apartments - a home run for all.

•   Goodyear reports on a new initiative that "gives domestic violence agencies resources and models for fundamentally changing the way shelters are structured" ("It does something wonderful to see all this beautifulness," says one resident).

•   Darley calls for less concrete and more jungle for kids: "Schools need to equip children with the landscapes that can charge their imagination."

•   If you'll take Oklahoma City's 1958 gold geodesic dome off the developer's hands, he'll give you a hundred grand.

•   Forget archiving your life on FB - McDonough will be the first living archive at Stanford University.

•   One we couldn't resist: Hill brings us eyefuls of uncommissioned work by 10 architectural photographers.


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