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Today’s News - Thursday, March 21, 2013

•   Them's fightin' words: Kotkin claims Florida "concedes the limits of the creative class" in spurring economic growth - "the experiment appears to have failed."

•   Florida fires back: "Not so fast"; Kotkin "misleads readers when he writes I've 'conceded.' What hogwash."

•   Kimmelman calls for "ambitious political leaders" to show a little "moxie" and grab the "fleeting rectify a mistake as colossal as Penn Station, the nation's busiest and most appalling transit hub."

•   Litt cheers Akron's transportation chief's call to spend less on new roads, more on transit; with Northeast Ohio's population dwindling, "spending money to reduce congestion by adding highway lanes would simply encourage more sprawl."

•   As Brussat heads to Chicago for Beeby's Driehaus Prize celebrations, he ponders Ito's Pritzker: "As individuals, modern architects are as bright and introspective as their classical brethren, but they are in the catbird seat" (he, of course, has high hopes that "classicism is again all the rage").

•   U.S. State Department taps five firms to lead overseas embassy renovation projects (with link to other A/E opportunities).

•   Melbourne gives the green light to what will be (for the time being) the Southern Hemisphere's tallest tower.

•   Mayne is selected as main man to design Lawrence Technological University's new Taubman Engineering, Life Sciences, and Architecture complex.

•   Wainwright gives thumbs-up to the London Zoo's new Tiger Territory: "a wander through the zoo is as much an architectural safari as a wildlife one."

•   Nigerian architect Adeyemi creates the Makoko Floating School "to address the impacts of climate change and the need for safer, more livable buildings in Lagos."

•   The World Congress on Art Deco ventures to Havana to uncover "gems ripe for restoration."

•   Pedersen's Q&A with Holl is "an utterly disarming interview (it feels like you're having drinks with him at a bar instead of conducting a formal inquisition)."

•   Howerton's A New Humanism: Part 13 explains why "we constantly pursue the competitive edge of the 'next' new thing because survival and stature has depended on it."

•   Brits win Grand Prize in Flint's Flat Lot Competition with a mirror-clad Tudor-style house atop a mirrored pedestal (cooling spray included).

•   Carbon Trust Scotland Low Carbon Building Award winners are oh so green.


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