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Today’s News - Thursday, March 7, 2013

•   Sperry reports on the growing support behind ADPSR's effort to encourage human rights changes to AIA Code of Ethics when it comes to designing prisons.

•   Saddest news of the day: Legorreta's beautiful Casa del Agua in South Korea bit the dust yesterday, despite international efforts to save it.

•   Sorkin at his most eloquent explaining why, "beyond new flood defenses, we need new ways of living with nature. Architecture must lead."

•   Killick explains why Breathe - the urban village design competition is "Christchurch's most exciting architectural competition"; there are four finalists, but "it's worth taking time to explore" all 58 international entries in detail.

•   Abrams digs into a new survey showing "how few people feel closely connected with their neighbors," and how that "can have an unforeseen impact on mental and physical health."

•   Green x 2 from the Innovative Metropolis conference: Three urban experts "explained the legacies that are shaping Mexico City, New York City, and Shanghai, and the approaches they are taking to adapt, with varying degrees of success" + GSD's Mostafavi talks about what design schools can offer cities with a unique role to "advance alternative possibilities, new ideas," though "there's still debate as to whether 'urban design is a true discipline' like architecture or landscape architecture or simply a 'practice.'"

•   Vignelli creates a palette for the Bronx Design and Construction Academy as part of Publicolor's project that has already improved students' chances of graduating and going on to college in many other NYC schools (we're a big fan!).

•   Quirk's Q&A with sustainability consultant Bakshi re: working with OMA on the Essence Financial Building in Shenzhen, China: it "is exceptionally collaborative, and there is never a napkin sketch."

•   Seoul gets a design library stocked with selections by three of our favorite design mavens (unfortunately, if you're not a Hyundai credit card holder, you can't get in).

•   Olson Kundig is tapped to design the new Museum of Art at Washington State University (no images - yet).

•   Betsky shares his new-found joy of working in an open-office space for the first time ("after years in shared offices, drafting floors, cubicles, and fancy private offices" (where he was "a bit lonely").

•   Jiricna wins 2013 Jane Drew Prize "for her outstanding contribution to the status of women in architecture."

•   Olin is among the 2013 Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medalists (an interesting mix, to say the least).

•   NYC names six finalists in the Reinvent Payphones Design Challenge - the public to select their favorite (great choices!).

•   Metcalfe offers a first-hand report from San Francisco re: turning the switch on "Bay Lights" on the Bay Bridge.

•   Call for entries: Seoul Urban Design 2013 International Student Ideas Competition: "Toward Urban Integration."


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