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Today’s News - Monday, February 25, 2013

•   ArcSpace brings us Maltzan in L.A., and MAD in China.

•   Ivy's ode to Ada Louise is more a call for architects "to teach people how architects make the communities we live and work in better places."

•   Chaban reports that building professionals in New York want Good Samaritan laws so they can offer free advice after a disaster hits without fear of lawsuits.

•   Another take on WXY's East River Blueway: "a glimpse of how NYC is preparing for the rising tides to come."

•   King cheers the America's Cup coming to San Francisco and the civic improvements coming with it: even if such events are flops, the city's waterfront is already being greatly improved.

•   Hinshaw hails Seattle's planned "stramp" connecting Pike Place Market and the water's edge (with one worry that "it's a tad tied down by one too many good ideas").

•   Saffron sees a brighter future for a long-blighted Philly neighborhood thanks to two young developers' "savvy marketing and social media skills."

•   Moore sees a model for modern living in Brooks's housing development in Essex: "the qualities she seeks to put in her houses are tangible, human and practical as much as aesthetic."

•   Goldberger gets first gander at plans for a "new built-from-scratch Googleplex": it may look like an updated version of one of the many suburban office parks that Google has re-done, but "the more you look at the complex, the more intriguing it is."

•   Preissner minces no words about what he thinks of "the inevitable demise" of Goldberg's Prentice Women's Hospital: it "clarifies something problematic with Chicago today" that is "symptomatic of a deeper illness" (it also "clarifies that this city is already a philistine capital" - oh my!).

•   On a brighter note, the redevelopment of Melbourne's iconic stadium (dating back to 1926) is "a fine example of what can be achieved when architects and stakeholders persevere with complex programmatic ambitions."

•   Pallister offers an interesting Q&A with Libeskind (with one of the most vitriolic comment sections we've seen in a long time).

•   Litt cheers Westlake Reed Leskosky being named renovation architect of the Smithsonian's Renwick Gallery in D.C.: "the latest evidence that Cleveland architecture firms are becoming very adept at landing high-profile jobs elsewhere."

•   Four finalist teams now in the running for ULI's 2013 Hines Student Urban Design Competition, offering some intriguing development plans for downtown Minneapolis.

•   Top 10 Overlooked Stunning Buildings (and they're not all by starchitects - how refreshing!).

•   Two we couldn't resist: Lego moves into the world of design - with everything from lamps, tables, and walls (and "taxidermy-free" animal heads - oh my!) + "New York Biotopes" - an amazing video "where subway cars are kaleidoscopes and jellyfish take over Grand Central station."

•   Call for entries: Storefront's Competition of Competitions / Redefining Briefs, Clients and Agents.


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