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Today’s News - Tuesday, February 19, 2013

•   Hales hails Wingårdh's architectural folly at the Stockholm Furniture Fair: it stole the show, proving "the extraordinary power of architecture, even when a building lasts just four days" (on a personal note - we've missed her missives, and so glad to have her back!).

•   Menking minces no words about the mega-projects under way in Manhattan: Hudson Yards "is the result of a process that only looks at the bottom line (and the Houston streetscape), not what this city has been at its best or might be at its best in the future."

•   Lange reports from Houston: "Do we have to patch together a new kind of criticism out of typologies of parking lots, a close reading of neighborhood covenants? Yes and no. First you have to look for the patterns."

•   Some St. Petersburg architects and citizens (and "Moscow intellectuals") want to see the almost-completed Mariinsky Theater 2 razed, but "we should wait until the construction is finished before turning on the protest chorus."

•   Hume cheers the Gehry/Mirvish Toronto project "combining art and architecture of the highest's a safe bet they will stand out on the skyline, and for all the right reasons."

•   Rave reviews for BIG's towering addition to the Vancouver skyline: the city's design panel gives it a thumbs-up, calling it a "whole composition that is urban art" (upcoming public hearings might bring out the NIMBYs).

•   Brooklyn's growing cultural district is finally getting its own (striking!) hotel.

•   King reviews the Bay Area's three new concert halls: each may have its flaws, but "what counts is that each venue not only celebrates the art of live music, but has the potential to reshape the landscape around it."

•   Wainwright x 2 - both thumbs-up: Fujimoto's Serpentine pavilion "promises a breath of fresh air. Let's hope he sets a precedent for selecting architects who are not just concerned with arm's-length gestures."

•   He cheers Wentworth's "Black Maria" for bringing "a welcome dose of anarchic community spirit to an area that often feels suffocated by its own patrolled newness."

•   An eyeful of what Arup envisions as an urban buildings for 2050: this "building of the future is a sight to behold."

•   Rainwater cheers AIA's "Healthier Communities Through Design" as a "roadmap" and "key resource for government officials, design professionals, and other stakeholders collaborating to address America's public health challenges."

•   "Awesome woman alert": Q&A with Jane Smith of Spacesmith (full disclosure - she's a friend...and awesome, indeed!).

•   Video conversation with Gorlin, Arsham, and Pharrell on art and architecture, filmed in Miami's "Gorlin" apartment building - "We're sitting in your idea right now. That's deep."

•   Steffes's latest installment of Chicago's Shoreline Motels includes rare and unexpected images, many not seen in decades (and a rarely-seen rendering of an unbuilt tower by Bruce Graham of SOM).

•   Lamb Hart's A New Humanism: Part 10 focuses on "how the evolved mind that encounters architecture works in practice."

•   MIT's new Center for Advanced Urbanism will focus on "the planning, design, construction and retrofitting of urban environments for the 21st century."

•   A good reason to be in D.C. over the next month: Nordic Cool 2013 festival at the Kennedy Center (Bjarke will be there, too).


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