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Today’s News - Tuesday, February 5, 2013

•   Laurie Olin remembers Ada Louise Huxtable with eloquence and warmth (it will make you smile) + McGuigan on the "critic whose passion and insight changed the way we look at the built world."

•   Foster finds Kimmelman's "diatribe" against New York Public Library plans to be "both offensive and premature" (so does the library's president).

•   Orff's SCAPE makes final cut to design Lexington, KY's new downtown park.

•   Hume says hooray for an Alsop condo: it "will not only turn heads, it will wrench necks. It looks like nothing ever seen in Toronto; yet there's no reason to think it won't belong."

•   Bjarke goes big and bold in Ft. Lauderdale: "it's not a boring elevation" (but some neighbors are not impressed: "This is so Miami").

•   de Botton's School of Life makes its way to Melbourne as a (very cool) pop-up.

•   A landscape architect calls for Auckland to "build green defenses against rising seas."

•   Hosey explains the "big-firm advantage" when it comes to future of sustainability, which "rests with large collaborative networks, rather than lone visionaries."

•   LEED v4 will see some big changes, and the USGBC is looking for pilot projects for the new system (hands-on support included).

•   Watanabe's 1996 K-Museum in Tokyo, currently closed, is a "postmodern delight left stranded in the middle of bankrupt developments" - but that may soon change (great pix).

•   An architect reflects on Auckland's first skyscraper amidst "rumblings" of its possible demise: it's "an excellent example of the spirit of New Zealand innovation."

•   Architecture and politics in the spotlight: Betsky parses Hillary's "more Frank Gehry than formal Greek" statement that creates "a neat binary set: Gehryian complexity versus classical clarity. It is in many ways a false opposition."

•   Obama names Michael Graves to U.S. Access Board: "Does that mean that President Obama is a huge fan of Postmodernism? There is almost no other way to interpret the appointment."

•   Call for entries for students: :output Award 2013 + WING: World Interiors for the Next Generation.


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