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Today’s News - Wednesday, January 23, 2013

•   Giovannini pays tribute to Putman, who "all but invented the boutique hotel genre...Whatever her role, she believed that good design should come at accessible prices."

•   Szenasy remembers Korab: as a young editor, "I did not know that we shared a homeland and were both shaped by the cold war."

•   Huxtable loved Boston City Hall: "she was right that ambivalence about the building surely hasn't helped with its preservation. But it's also worth considering her larger argument about its place in the Boston landscape."

•   Hawthorne tackles the tricky topic of projects built after an architect dies (Louis Kahn and Raimund Abraham are cases in point): it "is not that they will be horribly compromised. It is that they will never be completed."

•   Betsky takes on "tall elephants in the room" when it comes to adding to historic buildings: "If additions preserve the original buildings but aren't attractive or fitting, we might as well tear down the originals."

•   Architects and preservationists say Kansas City shouldn't be so quick to write Jahn's 1975 Kemper Arena's obituary; the architect himself suggests that, "with a little ingenuity and at minimal cost, it could be put to good use for many more years."

•   Olcayto and Pratt mince no words about the George Square "debacle": "Once again, a mendacious explanation has been rolled out" + the "U-turn represents a catastrophic loss of nerve and a failure in civic leadership: It needn't have been this way," but "Glasgow doesn't know how to do this sort of thing well" + McAslan is "determined to salvage the project."

•   Goldberger offers a thoughtful (and most amusing) take on a different kind of preservation: American Airlines' "disastrous" decision to dump its Vignelli-designed "magnificent, time-tested logo" for "a set of clichés": "Talk about fixing what wasn't broken."

•   Wainwright x 2: he tours "brilliant new schools" in Birmingham that may be the last of their breed with the cancellation of the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) program: "sadly these are not the future" (and "the profession will be paying for being the target of Gove's tirade for a long time").

•   He ponders whether 3D-printed houses will "stand up as architecture": is touoch-of-abutton construction "a welcome change?"

•   Chaban cheers the winner of the adAPT NYC competition to design a modular micro-apartment building in Manhattan: "prefabricated construction may indeed take hold as a new model for housing development in the city."

•   The second edition of the Re-imagining Winnipeg project produces "wild and daring ideas" for the city's transportation: "there can be no great advance in architecture or planning without bold and sometimes impractical thinking."

•   AIA ABI shows growth in the design and construction industry for the fifth straight month (fingers crossed it continues!).

•   Desimini presents luscious eyefuls of "mapping and data visualization" that has "changed the way architects, landscape architects, and urban designers communicate ideas about buildings and landscapes."

•   Call for entries: Global Green USA's Green School Makeover Competition for U.S. K-12 schools (with $75,000 in funding).


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