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Today’s News - Friday, January 18, 2013

•   Brandes Gratz explains the many differences (and a few similarities) between Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina: both "make clear that infrastructure needs radically new design and construction. Altering how things are done, with a new environmental awareness, is necessary everywhere."

•   King reports on the "Ocean's Eleven" of urban experts at the first Bloomberg Businessweek design forum: it "veered from broad observations to, at moments, the canned focus of a business pitch light on theory and heavy on images."

•   Chaban offers a thoughtful (and often amusing) slide show essay of NYC's best new architecture: it was perhaps "a little humbler, a little less showy" in a "lean year," but it is "sensible architecture for a wiser time."

•   Calys sees the "birth of the cool" in San Francisco with the new SFJAZZ Center: watch out NYC - the "nexus of jazz music may be shifting westward."

•   Skateboard scraps will scrape the sky in the winning design for this summer's MoMA/P.S.1 YAP pavilion (very cool).

•   Hill heads to Chicago to hang with Gang and her gang, touring projects and the office (almost emptied for the Art Institute show).

•   A Zambian architect tackles the ever-growing sticky-wicket that is architects' copyright protection.

•   Frampton pens an eloquent tribute to Huxtable: "one is left with the uncomfortable feeling that she was never sufficiently recognized by the architects and architectural critics of my generation" (+ link to her 1974 obituary of Louis Kahn).

•   Two we couldn't resist: for fit city fans - video of "piano stairs" in Stockholm proves folks will choose stairs over the escalators - if it's fun.

•   NYC's feral cats can haz fun with architect-designed shelters ('tis true - we wuz there).

•   Weekend diversions:

•   At "Making Room" at MCNY, you can "test-drive" micro-apartments "poised to take space efficiency to the next level."

•   Q&A with Graves re: his show at the Virginia Center for Architecture and his Wounded Warrior Home Project (with a little whimsy thrown in).

•   Detroit takes center stage x 2: two "controversial" photo shows at the National Building Museum ask "whether districts of ruined, abandoned buildings reverting back to nature can define a city. The answer is no."

•   Reading Binelli's "Detroit City Is the Place to Be," you "keep asking yourself the question: When will he get to the part that proves this town is the place to be?"

•   Grabar grapples with Bosker's "Original Copies: Architectural Mimicry in Contemporary China" and the country's "obsession with 'duplitecture'" (great pix).

•   Morgan cheers new tomes on Stoller and Korab - who "seems to have had more fun" (great slide shows).

•   Uglow's biography of Sarah Losh, a "forgotten genius of 19th-century England," is incredibly "atmospheric."

•   "In Touch: Landscape Architecture Europe" presents in-depth case studies without succumbing to "design-speak."

•   A great sampling of images from "Tree Houses: Fairy Tale Castles in the Air" (we want at least one!).


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