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Today’s News - Friday, January 11, 2013

•   Rochon's take on 2013: four ideas that "can inspire us to take to the barricades, and demand beauty, environmental breakthroughs and intelligent, healing landscapes."

•   Assemblage may have won the competition to design the new Iraqi Parliament, but might it be awarded to Hadid, instead (if the contract is "snatched," says the winner, it's "bad news for architecture").

•   Baillieu takes issue with some aspects of the competition: "nothing in Iraq is simple."

•   Litt takes a long look at SOM's Enquist's years-long (and pro-bono) efforts to lay out a vision for the future of the Great Lakes region "that would make Daniel Burnham proud."

•   Farrelly issues her "second official opinion-recall" re: a comment about a bypass saving Berry: "It is not a bypass at all. It's a through-pass. A bugger-up. A wrecking ball, dividing the town, and the community."

•   Chaban reports on Durst's disagreement with Friends of Hudson River Park re: Pier 40, resulting in a new plan by Dattner: "Play ball, write some code, sip a cappuccino."

•   Asato feels "a dot-com fever coming on" in her San Francisco neighborhood: "I'm curious to see if, this time, SoMa gets more out of the deal than a new crop of buildings and some places to drink."

•   Florida's Q&A with Speck re: why cities are becoming more walkable: "because they understand that their sustainability depends on it; or because they want to attract and retain young, educated adults; or because..."

•   Why the Zombie Safe House Competition has been called off - for now.

•   Bozikovic pays his respects to Ada Louise: "She found art in the streets, she defended it, and out of journalism she made an art that matters."

•   Gardner does likewise: "she was unapologetically a creature of her time and place" (with a few barbs for a few who succeeded her).

•   Rosenbaum reaches Huxtable's estate attorney to "discuss her Getty surprise": he says it was "a good reminder that it's a big world in which she's certainly being recognized"; "Am I reading too much into this to see this 'good reminder' as a wake-up call and a rebuke to New York institutions?"

•   Two we couldn't resist: "The ABC of Architects" animated short is an alphabet of famous architects (even with some questionable liberties taken with the ABCs - it's our must-see of the day) + Scariest must-see of the day: a "red wave" dust storm in Australia is "a wild sight that you would certainly not want to behold in person" (never mind the cyclone due to hit this weekend).

•   Weekend diversions:

•   In London, "Prototyping Architecture" explores the importance of prototypes in the delivery of high quality contemporary design.

•   In Dublin, "Atlas of an Irish City" is "an architectural survey of Galway and design projects that explore new ways to think about the future of the city" by ETH Zurich students.

•   Kampfner offers kudos to "Why We Build": Moore "critiques the most important buildings and the people who masterminded them with a style that is both entertaining and cuts through the crap."

•   Webb wends his way through the Phaidon Atlas of 20th-century architecture, and finds it "surprisingly eclectic and inclusive" with "nearly all the usual suspects and many agreeable surprises" (despite a few minor criticisms).

•   "Thanks for the View, Mr. Mies" is a "vivid postmortem of an unsung success of modern architecture in a city full of exemplary failures."


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