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Today’s News - Tuesday, January 8, 2013

•   Our hearts are heavy today with news that we've lost one of our heroes: Ada Louise Huxtable. Dunlap, Kamin, and Rosenbaum weigh in: "She had no use for banality"; "She was the best there was. Period"; "revered by architecture historians and feared by developers" + revisit Lang Ho's 2005 Q&A.

•   ArcSpace brings us Morphosis's Perot Museum in Dallas, and Hadid's Galaxy SOHO in Beijing.

•   Speaking of which, Wainwright weighs in on "what China's copycat culture means for architecture" (we've now added "duplitecture" to our lexicon).

•   Q&A with McGill University's Friedman re: China's "architectural borrowing": it is becoming "a knockoff state of similar buildings."

•   Bwalya bemoans the somewhat weak attempts to improve the quality of the built environment in Zambia's shanty townships that have not been sustained (leading to further sprawl).

•   Menking calls for architects "to take action on global climate change": "It is time to admit that energy consumption needs to be made a direct part of our design process."

•   Rubinstein on rebuilding Lower Manhattan, post-Sandy: "The one thing that is probably not going to happen is really the only one that Klaus Jacob can recommend: Retreat."

•   Anderson and Anid issue a "post-Sandy wake-up call": "The energy systems a 21st-century megacity needs can't be 20th-century retreads."

•   Louv makes the case for a "new nature movement" that "goes beyond the good practices of traditional environmentalism and sustainability."

•   Ulam delves into the sticky wickets that arise with private sector support for public spaces: it "comes at a price" not all are happy about paying; while he cheers "small-scale rebellions" (a.k.a. Insurgent Urbanism, DIY Urbanism, and Tactical Urbanism) that help improve cities, "what we really need is a revolution."

•   ArtPlace names America's Top 12 ArtPlaces for 2013 that are the "most vibrant, arts-centric communities where the arts are central to creating places where people want to be."

•   Benfield cheers ArtPlace and NEA's "Our Town" initiatives, and makes his own pick of "4 examples of powerful placemaking" (great links, too).

•   King reports on one of San Francisco's newest parklets that may have revved its engine a bit too soon.

•   Farrelly minces no words about four of Sydney's "lesser bridge treasures - old and new, threatened and screwed."

•   Bentley reports on a new report that claims new proposals to re-use Chicago's "embattled" Prentice Women's Hospital would be less costly than demolition.

•   The U.K.'s recently-defunct Architecture Centre Network to be resurrected as the Architecture Built Environment Centre Network.


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