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Today’s News - Thursday, December 13, 2012

•   Kirkham and Rudolf take an in-depth (post-Sandy) look at New Jersey's "conspicuously lenient" land-use laws "likely to perpetuate cycles of reckless development followed by storm-inflicted devastation" - it's "a battle between nostalgia and enlightened coastal management" (a must-read!).

•   NJIT and Tulane architecture students to help reconstruct Seaside Heights, NJ (let's hope they read the previous report first!).

•   Maly offers a fascinating tour of NYC's "landscapes of dredge...the greatest unrecognized landscape architecture project in the world."

•   Florida follows up on his report about the uselessness of economic development incentives with additional evidence.

•   A new AIA report connects design and public health.

•   Gould's Q&A with Ivy re: AIA's "Decade of Design" initiative: "While many of us believe that the connections between health and design are there, what we need is proof."

•   Hart's Part 2 of his "New Humanism" series focuses on experience and how our built environments "shape everyone's moods, thoughts, emotions and the ways we move and act."

•   Hume on why it's going to be painful for Toronto to finally pay the piper for the Gardiner Expressway: "prepare to hear from every architect and artist" with grand schemes - "their ideas, as crazy as they always seemed, make more sense than ever."

•   Woodman isn't totally wowed by the Louvre-Lens; "Intuitive, it is not," but "quibbles aside, it does feel like a building that works."

•   Eyefuls of the final towering proposals for Shell Centre on London's South Bank.

•   NEX wins contest for a new café on London's King's Road (it was our fave).

•   Cox Richardson speaks out about the pending demolition of its award-winning (and only 24-year-old) convention center in Sydney: it's an "act of vandalism" (though the Hassell/OMA/Populous team designing its replacement is "top notch").

•   On a brighter note, Q&A with Martine of Strada re: the complexities of "stitching together" 7 buildings to create a successful mixed-use complex in the heart of Pittsburgh.

•   Barreneche pays tribute to Niemeyer, who "reinvigorated Modernism by taking the chill off its rigid, dogmatic Bauhaus approach, imbuing its rationality with sensuality, optimism, and a joie de vivre."

•   Chicago's Beeby to receive the 2013 Driehaus Prize: "he helped bring traditional architecture and urban design back into the public consciousness."

•   Brussat couldn't be happier: last year, "Graves's Driehaus baffled most classicists. Beeby's Driehaus will gratify those with a deeper understanding of both classical and modernist creativity."

•   NBM's Turner Prize for Innovation in Construction Technology Award goes to the Society of Women Engineers (bravo!).

•   Eyefuls of the inaugural IIDA Best Interiors of Latin America Award winners.

•   Big Future Group launches with its first project: a school for Himalayan children.


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