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Today’s News - Monday, December 10, 2012

•   ArcSpace 2.0 (launched last week!) brings us luscious eyefuls of H&deM's Parrish Art Museum (with art on the walls, no less), Diamond Schmitt's Ryerson Image Centre, and Kiser's own photo essay of riding the L.A. Metro.

•   Sorkin looks at some of the lessons we need to take away from Sandy: "we must ask whether working-class shore communities have become our Lower Ninth Wards" that "will surely demand serious, even radical, thinking about a broad range of protective tactics."

•   The State of Australian Cities 2012 report is a wake-up call to governments "that planning and funding the infrastructure our cities need to grow and prosper is not a luxury to be indulged only during a budget surplus."

•   Florida digs even deeper into NYT stats re: the $80 billion annual "boondoggles" that economic development incentives really are.

•   Hume reports on Toronto's new city planner's plans: she will "start humbly" and "forego the big moves for the time being and focus on small steps" (requiring no small amount of "Solomonic wisdom").

•   Saffron appreciates Philly's Mural Arts Program, but calls for "a little reality, please" when it comes to a (very expensive) painting over of a "depopulated blightscape": "It's a feel-good strategy being passed off as an economic development one."

•   Goldberger, Sudjic, and Moore offer eloquent - and very different - tributes to Niemeyer: "an extraordinary blend of passion, arrogance, and naivety"; Brasilia survives as "a lesson in the political uses of design and architecture"; "he was far more than an image-maker" + revisiting Franklin's most amusing 2008 GQ interview with "the outspoken old master."

•   Heathcote says the Louvre-Lens's "understated beauty is mesmerizing": "as an attempt at regeneration, it might be a failure," but as "a museum of sublime, sparkling beauty, it is a stunning success."

•   Wainwright is also wowed by the "shimmering apparition" of the Louvre-Lens: "its combination of industrial utility and fragility is an apt reflection of the surrounding context - at once rugged and vulnerable."

•   Glasgow-based Dunlop urges architecture graduates and young firms to look to the Far East for work rather than be stuck "stacking supermarket shelves" in Scotland: there is "nothing for them here."

•   Time is running out for Moscow's Melnikov House as a "bitter family row" continues to stand in the way of its restoration.

•   Crosbie uncovers the softer side of the Modernist Franzen, mostly remembered for his Brutalist style: "He also created delicate, crystal-like houses that show a lighter, more human touch."

•   Our heartiest congrats to the inaugural Public Interest Design 100: "Together, they are re-imagining the world" (and we're very proud to count so many as friends!).

•   The 2012 Curry Stone Design Prize recognizes 5 social design pioneers (five $25,000 purses can go a long way).

•   1st Edition of the IS ARCH Awards for Architecture Students winners announced + Call for entries for the 2nd edition.

•   One we couldn't resist: In Israel, Technion students and faculty build a Rube Goldberg machine that lights the Chanukah menorah (nitroglycerin and a donut included).


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