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Today’s News - Wednesday, November 28, 2012

•   Ulam minces no words re: starchitects vs. the 99% - via the Biennale: "'Common Ground' is not going to change the status quo. Rather, it is an act of hypocrisy that starchitects who spend their lives working for the 1% are spending their summer vacations blurring the lines between themselves and the 99%."

•   Conway considers the evolution of post-recession Dublin: it "has become the center of a new kind of rebirth, with determined residents transforming it into a model of creativity and livability" (great links).

•   Capps can't find a lot to like about DS+R's Hirshhorn Bubble: it "represents a new - and misguided - attempt to get into the spectacle game," but "it is neither cost nor mission efficient" (despite its "neat-o factor").

•   Green agrees re: "Koshalek's architectural folly" that "has nothing to do with art."

•   A look at what's in, and what's now out in revised design for Maltzan's St. Petersburg Pier "Lens."

•   Chaban's (amusing) report on two plans to transform Manhattan's Park Avenue into a "High Line for the East Side" (one "queen of the social circuit" fears "they'll be camping out, like at Zuccotti Park") + Slide show of the SHoP and SOM proposals.

•   San Diego's historic Horton Plaza is in for a major facelift and expansion.

•   Szenasy celebrates Daniel Patrick Moynihan's "faith in beautifully designed civic spaces and buildings"; and make time to watch GSA's short film, "Democratic By Design."

•   Clemence cheers Hadid's Broad Art Museum at MSU, "a cultural structure that at the same time anchors and thrusts forward the community it was designed to serve" (with his own most exquisite photos).

•   Patkau Architects tapped to design the Audain Art Museum in Whistler, BC: "the local landscape and natural surroundings" will "inform and inspire the design."

•   Next up for the High Line: a biophilic office building by COOKFOX (formerly Cook+Fox), "its next version of the sustainable workplace" (with its own rooftop High Line).

•   Lubell reports on the end of a "bitter battle" over the design of a complex opposite Neutra's famed Strathmore Apartments in L.A., with Lorcan O'Herlihy's "riff on history" apparently winning the day.

•   More and more local councils in Australia are using ''conditional permits'' on large inner-city projects, "mandating architects' ongoing involvement" to avoid the old bait-and-switch.

•   Carnegie Mellon and Clemson University take top prize in the Sustainable Laboratory Student Design Competition (great presentations).

•   Call for entries/presentations for the 2013 Healthcare Design Conference next November.


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