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Today’s News - Friday, November 9, 2012

EDITOR'S NOTE: Apologies for not posting yesterday; due to technical difficulties beyond our control, etc., etc., etc....

•   Shepard and Shute offer a most thoughtful reflection on the scale of Superstorm Sandy: it's time for "a shift in understanding what infrastructure means, how it performs, and how - when it's well designed, resilient, and responsive - its public benefits extend outwards across multiple and nested scales of citizenship" (a great read).

•   Metz queries Dutch experts who weigh in on why "New York needs hybrid solutions for our changing natural surroundings" in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

•   AfH publishes Sandy reconstruction plan, and teams up with MTV to raise funds for the Restore the Shore campaign.

•   OMA's Maggie's Center Gartnavel consolation prize for missing out on the Stirling: it wins 2012 Doolin Prize (and £25,000).

•   Murg marvels at Moussavi's "audacious American debut," MOCA Cleveland: "The bold new building not only resembles a dusky diamond...but also shares with the gemstone a remarkable intensity that is the product of a lengthy incubation under high pressure" (great pix, too).

•   Bernstein ponders the possibility that a museum of Latino culture on the National Mall is closer to being a reality: supporters hope "the president's re-election will give the project the momentum it needs."

•   Wainwright waxes ironic about Moscow's - and Europe's - soon-to-be tallest tower, a "tapering mountain of pink-hued trapezoidal blocks" that "joins a motley cluster" of towers in "a playground for rival oligarchs to demonstrate their penile might."

•   A Chipperfield development in Waterloo gets the green light - amidst both rousing cheers and grousing grumbles.

•   Goldberger likes what he sees in Ottawa, but warns against complacency: "Continue to believe in the city, continue to believe in the street and public space."

•   Seattle's Mithun joins forces with San Francisco's Daniel Solomon Design Partners to become Mithun/Solomon.

•   International and U.K. architects, students and designers: Take part in the AJ State of the Profession Survey.

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Saffron gives two thumbs-up to "Detropia," a "fine new documentary" that "doesn't voyeuristically skim the surfaces of this modern ruin" - with a tip of the hat to Pogo: "Detroit is us."

•   Rago reviews "Massimo Scolari: The Representation of Architecture, 1967-2012" at The Cooper Union: "Speaking with the architect, it became clear that his practice was both a way of seeing as much as it is a mode of representation" (great pix, too).

•   "Atelier Morgan: The Personal Archives of Architect Julia Morgan" part of the Morgan 2012 Festival at California Polytechnic University.

•   Florida offers a most insightful Q&A with Neal re: his new book, "The Connected City" and finds out "why what happens in Las Vegas cannot stay in Las Vegas."

•   A "ravishing new coffee table book" puts the spotlight on 90-year-old Vancouver-based Modernist photographer Selwyn Pullan, who "seems a bit bemused by all the attention he's getting."

•   Grabar is glad the new 17-pound Phaidon Atlas comes in "a crucial carrying case with a handle"; he also likes the book: a snapshot of "the 20th century as seen from 2012. What a view."

•   One we couldn't resist: "Watch architecture's most overdramatic video promo, ever" that promotes the Tower of Ring in Tianjin, China, a "bewildered modern tower."


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