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Today’s News - Monday, October 29, 2012

EDITOR'S NOTE: We have lots of catching up to do, but we also have a few more hatches to batten down, so we will be brief. Hopefully, we'll remain up and running, but should ANN not arrive in your inbox tomorrow, it means scary Sandy did not leave us unscathed. We wish everyone in its path a safe journey...

•   We are so saddened by the news that we've lost Johansen: Bernstein pens a tribute to the Modernist whose architecture conveyed "the optimism of the time."

•   Iovine tours Kahn's FDR memorial and finds much to like, though "how New Yorkers will now engage with this extraordinary public landscape poses some challenges" (with nary a restroom or trash can in sight).

•   Saffron cheers another Onion Flats project that is "superior to anything Philadelphia has done in half a century" for low-income residents.

•   Wainwright tours a new London school and finds "innovative touches but a lack of humanity...everything is drenched in a clinical whiteness, giving it more the feeling of a corporate headquarters. But that is the point."

•   Bozikovic makes two points re: Foster's Oxford Place plans: first, "if anybody should build truly super-tall skyscrapers in Toronto, Foster + Partners is a good choice. And two, it's not going to happen."

•   With the economy slowing down luxury building in Manhattan, Meier and Stern take their talents on the road - overseas.

•   Safdie goes Down Under with new project for Monash University + Q&A with the master re: some of his other his seminal projects.

•   Eggener offers an eloquent elegy to the saga of Baltimore's Memorial Stadium, and its afterlife in the years since its demolition (a great read).

•   Murphy/Jahn morphs with new name and shared design leadership.

•   A rundown re: what's up with RMJM (the saga continues...).

•   A great report on what "may be the world's thinnest home" in Warsaw: it's too small to be a legal residence, so it's been "classified as an art installation."

•   Litt lights up at some of the winning visions for the lower level of the Detroit-Superior Bridge in the Cleveland Design Competition.

•   AIA San Francisco announces winners (from around the world) of the Architecture at Zero competition.

•   Call for entries: Participate in a Northwestern University study that explores the linkage between music experiences and creativity in architecture and industrial design.


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