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Today’s News - Tuesday, October 23, 2012

•   Davies offers some serious suggestions to improve architectural criticism because not only are reviews not really critical, they're "usually not even analytical."

•   Hall Kaplan, as usual, minces no words when it comes to designing public spaces: the "shift of focus from overblown publicly and privately sponsored projects vying to be iconic to unpretentious spaces and places has generated ink and air time, which is not lost on pandering planners and wannabe celebrity architects" (but there are happy endings in sight).

•   On an even brighter note, Copenhagen's new "super park" is "dotted with various pop artifacts and cultural mementos...a 'fusion of architecture, landscape, and art'" (great pix - we wanna go play!).

•   Lewis cheers ASLA's new guide to Washington, DC's landscapes that reveals "the amount of investment, care and maintenance required to create, nurture, preserve and sometimes enhance the city's wealth of beautifully landscaped environments."

•   Hume x 2: urban density is not a dirty word: "The only thing Canadians fear more than sprawl, the joke goes, is density. Problem is it's not a joke."

•   He's enthralled by Foster's Bow Building in Calgary that "presides over downtown elegantly and's not just another tower; it's a piece of architecture" amidst a lot of other "architectural banalities."

•   Dunlop expounds on why it might be a good idea for young architects in Britain and the U.S. to look to the east (i.e., China).

•   Tunkey plans to take "Unmade in China" on the road so the U.S. and Europe can "look at it honestly, and learn from examining the negative side...If you only focus on the works that get built, you are not seeing many of the problems with the works not getting built."

•   A new campus building in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, reflects "post post-modern architecture" that "is very much concerned with the social aspects of a building as well as its utilitarian function."

•   A "little arena from Tasmania is gaining global attention."

•   Plans for a Liverpool skyscraper in the form of a giant cross "could be contentious."

•   BDP wins the Dusseldorf Ulmer Hoh design competition to transform a prison campus into a new neighborhood; the "design put quality and atmosphere above commercial efficiency."

•   Ulam gives thumbs-up to the Canadian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale: "Migrating Landscapes speaks to a growing interest in forms and styles that can express cross-cultural perspectives without descending into postmodernist token gestures."

•   Lubell reports on the winning design in the L.A. Sixth Street Viaduct competition: "Downtown Los Angeles is about to get a lot curvier" (with lots of pix to prove it).

•   A new survey concludes that architecture and engineering firms are a bit behind the curve in embracing social media.

•   Call for entries: ADA 2012 - Architecture Dissertation Awards International Architecture Competition.


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