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Today’s News - Friday, October 19, 2012

•   Goldberger riffs (oh so eloquently) on some posthumously-built architecture that didn't quite hit the mark, but is left "elated" by Kahn's FDR memorial: "you feel the metaphorical power of architecture."

•   Chan's visit to the memorial was "an experience so psychologically intimate, it is almost dreamlike."

•   Li feels likewise: "The prospect of a 38-year-old design being built new in 2012 would be strange if it had been almost any architect but Kahn" (with a lot history thrown in for good measure).

•   Saffron is more than a bit unsettled by the idea of a mural on Philly's PSFS: "we've become architectural illiterates...murals have become the default balm for all our urban blights."

•   Piano and Pali present their "ambitious" design for the Museum of Motion Pictures in L.A.

•   Van Valkenburg and Phifer are the winning team to reimagine 28 acres of downtown Austin.

•   Dalrymple offers a most eloquent essay: "To mourn Syria's devastated archaeological and architectural heritage may seem trivial. Yet with it die precious traditions."

•   A Legorreta gem is set to be demolished to make way for a resort in South Korea, despite an audit that "showed a problem in the Jeju provincial government's cultural mind" (architects and the Mexican embassy are hoping it can be saved).

•   Meanwhile, today Santa Fe is kicking off a three-day festival celebrating Legorreta.

•   Big plans for the massive Walter Reed Army Medical Center campus: uses "have been identified through a public engagement and selection process."

•   Eye candy for the day: eyefuls of Foster, Hadid, Koolhaas, and Rogers' visions for a Park Avenue tower (Foster's won out, but the others are worth a look).

•   Weekend diversions: NYC's Architecture and Design Film Festival kicks off today; Grabar highlights one that "attempts to answer the central question of high-quality embassy design: What does it accomplish?"

•   Q&A with co-director of "Unfinished Spaces" as yet another chapter of controversy begins for the Cuban National Art Schools.

•   Grabar (again) re: "How Cuba's National Arts Schools were disgraced and reclaimed."

•   The Melbourne Architecture Annual kicks off Australia's National Architecture Week on Monday; Sydney's starts on Wednesday.

•   NYC architects go underground with "Design by New York" - a "stunning visual experience" in the West 4th Street subway station.

•   Calys spotlights stunning images of old New York in a "well-curated exhibit" in San Francisco offering a "photo commentary on urban life and issues" (fabulous slide show!).

•   A new book "turns the lens on" architectural photographer Pullan, who "captured modernism's naked wood and glass" (another great slide show - sadly, of many masterpieces now demolished).

•   Peter Aaron captures the "demanding architecture among the historic hovering hills and yawning fields" of Frederic Church's Olana.

•   Pedersen has a lively Q&A with Speck re: "Walkable City," a "prescriptive book full of insight, humor, and common sense."

•   Q&A with "radical geographer" Harvey re: his new book "Rebel Cities" that "looks at ways in which urban populations can reclaim the spaces that couldn't work without them, but which they rarely control."


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