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Today’s News - Tuesday, October 2, 2012

•   How growing cities will wreck the environment without better advance planning (great links).

•   Florida parses a new study "identifying a series of metrics and rankings to measure America's progress" in creating "complete communities."

•   Boyte cheers efforts by colleges to become "part of" communities, like the "Rust to Green" initiative led by a "consortium of colleges and universities in upstate New York, working with towns to spark a renaissance of the region."

•   Lewis lays out the challenges of preserving historic neighborhoods, but warns "embracing historic preservation too fervently and dogmatically can be problematic" in its own right.

•   Q&A with Gehry re: what he thinks about Toronto's architecture, and his new vision for the city's entertainment district (including "three sculptures for people to live in").

•   His reaction to the onslaught of criticism and "scathing reviews": "Listening to critics lambaste his trademark out-there designs is just part of the job."

•   Rochon cheers Gehry's and others' crusade to make "luminous buildings. Billowing clouds of glass are the next holy grail in architecture."

•   Geelong, Australia, has high hopes for its own Bilbao moment with a new domed library and cultural center: "it's tomorrow architecture here today" (with pix to prove it!).

•   Lots of flack re: U.K.'s new design templates for schools that ban, more than curved, glass, and folding walls; concrete ceilings and render cladding seem to be the order of the day: "The rules seem targeted to prevent new schools being designed by award-winning architects."

•   Of course, the British government "says baseline designs are not restrictive": "I don't think we're expecting something that is going to leap us forward 50 years in school design but there is innovation there to be had."

•   Baillieu wonders if the new school design guidelines are such a bad thing: "They're not very elegant, but they're serviceable. Can architects improve on them...or will it be their fees that will be used to fund the extras?"

•   Oder explains why reviewing the Barclays Center before it opened was not a good thing: "its impact on the surrounding neighborhood must be taken into account - the broader plans for Atlantic Yards, with its troubled history and unresolved future."

•   Broome seems quite taken by Kahn's FDR memorial on Roosevelt Island: "It has been a long time coming, but what a beginning this is" (lots of pix, too).

•   CNN's Great Buildings series is worth tooling around: six leading architects (and then some) name which of their own buildings is a favorite, and "choose a piece of architecture they wished they had created."

•   Peter Walker named 2012 Laureate of the ULI J.C. Nichols Prize for Visionaries in Urban Development.

•   One we couldn't resist: an eyeful of the winners in Arch Record's 3rd annual Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest.

•   Call for entries: RFP for rehabilitation and operation of a commercial and retail development bordering Brooklyn Bridge Park + Deadline reminder - it really looms for Contract's 34th Annual Interiors Awards.


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