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Today’s News - Monday, September 10, 2012

•   ArcSpace brings us OMA in Moscow, and Pitágoras Architects in Portugal.

•   We are so deeply saddened by the news that we've lost Bill Moggridge much, much too soon.

•   Barns on Tasmania's newest quango: he hopes that (pleads for, actually) the bureaucrats "let creativity" (i.e. design professionals) "flourish" and "not seek to build an empire for the egos of those who run it."

•   The trend in town center projects are bringing city life to the 'burbs: "The urban neighborhood has become an exportable commodity," but critics "consider them soulless corporate replicas" (a la Disney World).

•   A community hospital in Chicago "spearheads mixed-use campus model for community development" in an effort "to bring evidence-based design to the community scale."

•   Saffron cheers Drexel's "huge expansion east that would nevertheless concentrate growth in a compact core - minimizing sprawl into nearby neighborhoods" (keeping the neighbors happy).

•   A "Legoland" of modular apartment buildings for Brooklyn's Atlantic Yards could be in the offing - if the first one can get off the ground.

•   Pedersen queries Maurice Cox re: his plans as Tulane's new associate dean of community engagement: an apt title for someone "who has spent almost two decades forging ties between design education, the political realm, and the public."

•   Calma bemoans the congested, haphazard state of Manila: "If you leave urban policy to mayors who don't know about architecture, it ends up being a mess."

•   Lim looks into the future "where the urban and the rural overlap to form a 'smart city' that promotes healthy living and food sustainability" (he's on the case for Melbourne right now).

•   Heathcote visits Chichester and its new Novium museum that "highlights a counterculture in England's south coast, where ancient and modern go hand in hand...a modernist cockpit from which to survey a city."

•   McDonald cheers Ireland's Silver Lion prize: "It showed that anything is possible, even in these tough times for the profession" (and remarks on some other Biennale gossip).

•   The upcoming London Design Festival will include "an experiment in acoustic design which can transform your perception of space."

•   Hanley has an interesting take on offices as playgrounds: "playful design...can also become cloying clichés, lazy signifiers of hipness."

•   Klayko climbs to the top of 4WTC, which "offers a more somber, reflective aesthetic" than its neighbors with "stunningly-precise detailing" (and stunning views!).

•   One we couldn't resist: a "battered-but-burgeoning commercial corridor" in Philly is now home to Pizza Brain, a pizza restaurant that "holds the Guinness record for 'the world's largest collection of pizza-related items'" (hold the anchovies, please).


Architecture for Humanity - Philippines Floods Response

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