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Today’s News - Tuesday, August 7, 2012

•   ArcSpace brings us two railway stations that make us want to pack our bags right now.

•   Farrelly minces no words when it comes to why London's Olympic planning "has comprehensively shown Australia up...where we made wrong decisions, they made right ones" (and it's not all about the architecture).

•   Rochon hopes Toronto takes some lessons of what not to do from London in preparing for the 2015 Pan Am Games: "There's still time to shift passive voyeurism to long-term reactivated urbanism."

•   Speaking of active urbanism, two reports from the recent Greater & Greener: Re-Imagining Parks for 21st Century Cities conference look at "trends transforming America's urban parks," and sometimes the most successful "can be tiny pockets squeezed in wherever there's room."

•   Litt is almost delirious over Cleveland's revamped Perk Park, which is "a people-watching paradise, a patch of urban heaven" offering "an uplifting glimpse of the city Cleveland can become if it repeats this success elsewhere - and soon."

•   Kamin gives (mostly) thumbs-up to Chicago's first parklets: "the program is off to a solid, if not particularly creative, beginning. The architects and their clients wisely played it safe."

•   Franz gives thumbs-up to two workplace landscapes in Brisbane that "do more than just pretty up the building surrounds."

•   Gerfen reports on Urban Movement Design's summer installation at the MAXXI in Rome, "where yoga meets architecture."

•   Saffron, on a sadder note, bemoans the probable loss of Tacha's "Green Acres" in New Jersey: "As little respect as building architecture gets, landscape architecture receives even less."

•   King voices a bit of concern about San Francisco's glass tower trend that "could give the city a colder, more generic look if left unchecked."

•   Russell reports on tech companies seeking urban digs, "where the talent they seek increasingly wants to live...but cities haven't yet figured out how to meld suburban advantages with urban energy" (time to reinvent the skyscraper and the office park).

•   A "star-studded shortlist" in the running to revamp London's Royal Opera House.

•   Goldberger waxes nostalgic on news of Venturi's retirement: he's the "architect who taught us to stop worrying and love Las Vegas."

•   Q&A with Lang Ho, curator of the Venice Biennale's "guerilla" U.S. Pavilion re: why this year's pavilion is more politicized than ever before, and her take on what "Common Good" actually means.

•   The "worst seems to be over" for many South African architects who "appear to have ridden the choppy waves of the global recession" and now "looking to the rest of Africa" for more work.

•   Malaysia has big plans for a series of pre-fab sustainable villages to "create smart growth."

•   Two we couldn't resist: Kathryn Findlay's "favorite impermanent structures in London" (including a pollution measuring box that is "both invisible and beautiful").

•   The Frank Lloyd Wright Designs Memory Game: "It all sounds simple until it begins to congeal into one big Usonian blur."


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