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Today’s News - Friday, July 27, 2012

•   We'll admit we're feeling a bit London/Olympic-centric today: FT, Heathcote, and others turn out a great special report on urban ingenuity offering some of "the best and most ingenious ideas to improve the lives of city dwellers across the world, both rich and poor" (o.k. - so it's not all in London).

•   An in-depth look at three infrastructure buildings built for the Games, but meant to last, are "rendered in a proud, celebratory spirit and may be the most powerful architectural legacy of these games."

•   A who's who in British Architecture weigh in on Piano's Shard (even the naysayers have nice things to say).

•   Menking parses a study on new arts facilities: "It won't be good news for architects."

•   Badger brings us a most interesting saga of George Lucas vs. NIMBYs in Marin County (10 years in the making).

•   Lubell gives (mostly) two thumbs-ups to L.A.'s new Grand Park: "for once the city's public realm has aspired to greatness, not good-enoughness," with kudos to "LA's staggering amount of design talent."

•   Chessum explains how many of the small details in his new Palomar Medical Center "do some sort of work, embracing the 'form follows function' ethos of modern architecture."

•   The non-profit Sydney Story Factory's Martian Embassy is a "whale/rocket/time tunnel fusion...a breath of fresh air...that celebrates creativity and fun."

•   Steffes digs into the fascinating history of Chicago's "virtually forgotten "Shoreline Motels (great images, too!).

•   AIA 2012 Small Project Awards winners announced (alas, no images).

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Heller hails MoMA's "Century of the Child": "it's not just kids' stuff: There are deeper meanings here" (great slide show!).

•   "A Long-Awaited Tribute: Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian House and Pavilion" at the Guggenheim highlights the first FLW buildings erected in New York City.

•   "Another London" at Tate Britain captures the glamour and gritty reality of a now-vanished London.

•   King finds much to enjoy tooling around London Mayor Boris Johnson's new book: "The novelty of his day job is part of what captured my eye."

•   Niemeyer's iconic works presented in 3-D "casts the master's most famous building in an all-new cinematic glow."

•   One we couldn't resist (and our favorite Olympic moment - so far): a 1957 Routemaster bus is doing push ups (literally!) outside the Czech Olympic HQ: "It's actually meant for all fat Americans, they could sort of exercise to get skinnier," says the artist (we kid you not).


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