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Today’s News - Tuesday, July 24, 2012

•   Menking remarks on the passing of Pichler, "unquestionably one of the most influential artist/architects working in post-war Europe."

•   Nobel tackles the Eisenhower Memorial controversy and the fight being waged by "right-wing culture warriors": "It's not about the presence or size of is about fear - the fear of change...the design is irrelevant: it is enough that the design is new" (we'll be watching the comments section on this one!).

•   Jacobs visits the new Barnes with no preconceived notions and finds "a supremely confident modern building. The whole thing is dizzyingly weird, as if Sir John Soane's Museum had been plucked up and inserted in, say, the Centre Pompidou."

•   Hanscom explains why the "great cities vs. suburbs rivalry" matters - it all boils down to money: "Unless we start investing more in cities, any real blip we're seeing in terms of an urban population rebound is sure to be short lived."

•   There's help at hand: CEOs for Cities issues City Vitals 2.0 report: cities that "take advantage of their density to create walkable neighborhoods, sustainable transportation, robust civic engagement, and business and industry clusters of competitive advantage" will win.

•   How the Olympic Stadium forced the architects "to embrace the temporary. It was surprisingly freeing," and "needed a whole new mind-set."

•   Whelan talks to Ingels about his new West 57th Street project in Manhattan that is bound to be "something new, something the city hasn't seen before."

•   Burke and Reinmuth deliver their manifesto for the Australian entry in the Venice Biennale: "Cracks are appearing within the discipline as we know it, and unexpected areas of potential are developing."

•   20 Malaysian architecture firms have high hopes that the Venice Biennale "will help Malaysia spearhead a new design economy.'"

•   A Scottish firm beats out some of Ireland's leading architects for a new, 1,000-student school in Dublin; two architecture students argue that "briefs for school design are 'far too prescriptive,' leaving little room for creativity."

•   Venturi retires, and the firm rebrands as VSBA; meanwhile, "Scott Brown continues to publish and present her work."

•   Call for entries: NYC Best for Business Infographic Competition + A High Line for London Green Infrastructure Open Ideas Competition + IMT Excellence in Energy Code Compliance Award + National Stadium of Japan competition (only Gold Medalists, Pritzker and Praemium Imperiale Laureates need apply).


New York City - Request for Proposals

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