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Today’s News - Tuesday, July 17, 2012

•   A look at whether the U.K.'s decade of gallery building boom is paying off - it seems to depend on who you ask ("These are well intentioned initiatives but they're sometimes rather naive").

•   Meanwhile, the West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong names an impressive shortlist to design its first arts venue.

•   Goldberger weighs in on Gehry's Eisenhower Memorial and some of the underlying problems surrounding the controversy: "How do you design a memorial to effectiveness?"

•   Riechers offers a fascinating look at the history - and future - of NYC's Roosevelt Island (we'll reserve opinion re: Kahn's rather stark, barren-looking FDR Memorial until we see it in person).

•   de Monchaux cheers SHoP's works-in-progress on Manhattan's East River: "There's a constellation of humane details...negotiating between the human and urban scale."

•   Rosenbaum uses her recent visit to Hardy's "sleek, functional" Claire Tow Theater at Lincoln Center to give a shout-out to Kimmelman, who "finally reviews architecture!"

•   Davies hands out scant sympathy to architecture critics and professional journals, but what disappoints him most are the "institutions that do have a remit to evaluate the quality of buildings - our architectural schools," which "have given very little attention to this task."

•   A terrific look at the challenges faced by communities dealing with thousands of now-closed gas stations: in some cases, "former neighborhood blight" is being transformed into new downtown centers - but "it is not always easy to persuade developers."

•   Badger offers an amusing reminder of what "a former urban planner and mad-scientist/illustrator" envisions for gas stations "when hardly anyone uses gas."

•   NYC is about to launch what could be the largest bike share program in the country, but will it work? "NYC has the potential to be the biking capital of the world" (on the other hand...).

•   The Kuala Lumpur Design Forum offered multiple takes on the creative process: "Put three architects in a room, and you'll get five opinions."

•   Eyefuls of Arch Record's (refreshingly, not totally starchitect-studded) 2012 China Awards (great presentations!).

•   Deadlines loom: presentations proposals for 2013 Environments for Aging Conference + Arch Record 2012 Design Vanguard competition.

•   Call for entries: USITT International 2013 Architecture Awards for excellence in the design of theater projects.

•   One we couldn't resist: if you're in a swelter-zone today, but chilling in an air conditioned space, sing Happy 110th Birthday to AC inventor Carrier (we sure will!).


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