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Today’s News - Wednesday, June 13, 2012

•   Richard Florida leads a great 5-part conversation on the future of Motor City: "If you think of a place that was close to death and is now entering into a new life, that's Detroit."

•   K. Jacobs delves into Dallas's efforts to remake its downtown, though "enlightened urban planners have to wrestle with impediments" in a city that's finding it a bit "hard to change its spots."

•   Vasagar, Minton, Wainwright, and others weigh in on British cities signing over their public spaces to private enterprises - needless to say, despite a few glimmers of enlightenment, the trend does not bode well.

•   O'Sullivan bemoans the petty (and hardly Olympic-spirited) "micromanaged brand protection" that bans firms working on 2012 Olympic projects from even mentioning them for 12(!) years: they're "going down about as well as you'd expect with the home crowd in London."

•   Roche is more than a bit roiled about the "flawed" Eisenhower Memorial selection process: the powers-that-be should begin again with a public design competition - "current and future Frank Gehrys and Maya Lins should apply."

•   Russell gives thumbs-up to re-workings of Yale's Saarinen-designed Morse and Ezra Stiles Colleges and SOM's 1954 Manufacturers Trust, bringing "new life to buildings many thought weren't worth preserving or were too difficult to adapt...the results can be extraordinary."

•   Kamin gives (mostly) thumbs-up to a new children's hospital in Chicago: the "journey did not prove easy or tension-free" for the design teams, "but it's hard to deny the power of good design to touch the heart as well as please the eye" (and kudos to the city's cultural institutions!).

•   Dunlap on the saga of design changes at SOM's 1 WTC: while it is "undeniably impressive and unquestionably a is not exactly the building New Yorkers were first led to believe they would see."

•   Chaban rides the elevator to the top of Maki's almost-topped-out 4 WTC: "One World Trade Center will certainly be the head of the family, while 4 World Trade will be the beautiful daughter everyone secretly adores."

•   An eyeful of Shigeru Ban's big penthouse plans for a Tribeca landmark (not included is news that the Landmarks Preservation Commission just gave it a green light).

•   The Architect of the Capitol's office "appears to be taking the brunt of the hits" when it comes to Congressional budget cuts - just "to show it can cut spending": first in line to feel the pinch - repairing the Capitol Dome that the AIA and others claim make it a danger zone.

•   On a brighter note, ArtPlace is handing out $15.4 million in new grants to 47 Creative Placemaking initiatives.

•   Theodoropoulos, head of the University of Oregon Architecture Department to be dean at Cal Poly's College of Architecture and Environmental Design.


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