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Today’s News - Monday, June 4, 2012

•   ArcSpace brings us luscious eyefuls of the Ferrari Museum in Modena, and the Frost Museum of Science in Miami.

•   Q&A with the "the sometimes irreverent but always straight-talking" Lstiburek, mincing no words about architects' responsibilities (his full-day program in NYC tomorrow is sure to be provocative).

•   Kamin weighs in on Pelli's proposed Wolf Point in Chicago: "at first blush" it's an "appealing plan," but there are aspects that "require rethinking and reworking" (and if they want zoning changes, "they had better bring their 'A' game").

•   Doig delves into what Atlantic City could use a good dose of to come back to life - and it's not another flashy resort (a touch of "glamorous decrepitude" wouldn't hurt).

•   Rowland ruminates on that state of parks in Indianapolis: the city's paltry Park Score should be "a wake-up call to make parks a bigger priority."

•   Rosenbaum is still rumbling about TWBTA's Barnes, and the still unknown fate of its folk art museum, but does find "some upbeat news" re: a new museum project for the duo.

•   Caruso cruises "inside the design mind" with an interesting Q&A with the Calatrava/Childs/Libeskind triumvirate re: WTC/Ground Zero and the "reshaping one of the most culturally significant sites in the history of the U.S."

•   A fascinating saga of a Chicago architect's venture in Haiti: she "saw well-laid plans turn to improvisation, yet again," but her new hospital will open this fall, "white and beautiful."

•   King cheers architectural visions that may have "no realistic chance of ever being built," but are catching "the interest of researchers in fields that don't always look to architects for cultural innovation."

•   A look at how some architects and urban planners are taking a new approach rising waters: "the biggest challenge isn't technology but changing the public's perception of living on water."

•   Rose reviews the week in architecture: a school proves that the Building Schools for the Future program "deserved a future," tragedy in a glitzy Qatar shopping mall, a former gas station becomes a pop-up cultural center, and more.

•   A new ACUI report offers a new look at how physical space can/does affect campus community building.

•   A fitting question in time for the Queen's Jubilee: is Buckingham Palace ugly? (Bayley and Glancey chime in, too).

•   The Australian Institute of Architects names new president: sole practitioner Shelley Penn hopes "to inspire other small practitioners, young architects and women to get involved."

•   Good reasons to hit the road next week: Architecture Canada | RAIC Festival of Architecture in Newfoundland and Labrador + Progressive Cities Conference and Declining Cities Conference in Oxford, U.K.

•   Call for entries: Plasticity Rio '12: Generate innovative uses for PET plastic bottles (deadline looms!) + Urban SOS: Frontiers - 4th annual international student competition: address border, gateway, or fringe conditions in cities.


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