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Today’s News - Monday, May 21, 2012

EDITOR'S NOTE: We're back from the AIA convention and have a lot of catching up to do! Today is just the beginning...

•   ArcSpace brings us eyefuls of soma's EXPO 2012 pavilion in South Korea, and Mecanoo's Maritime and Beachcombers Museum in the Netherlands.

•   Kimmelman travels to Medellín to see for himself how - or if - public architecture and public spaces really are changing the city's future, and finds the skepticism of younger architects to be "the most encouraging sign I had encountered."

•   Peirce parses Philly's "Green City, Clean Waters" initiative to make "water conservation a centerpiece of its economic and environmental strategy" for its future: it is also "a route to environmental and social justice."

•   Doig minces no words about why some cities' efforts to create urban entertainment districts end up being places where you'll find everything except a lot of people, while other cities' efforts thrive.

•   Goldberger weighs in on the Nasher's scorching problem with its new towering neighbor: "aren't builders and their architects and engineers supposed to know the properties of a material before they use it?"

•   Kamin reflects on public spaces and protests as the action heats up in Chicago (and the legacy of Zuccotti Park): "We have the freedom to assemble - but where?"

•   Gehry tweaks his Eisenhower Memorial to "stress leadership over youth" with "heroic-size statues of Eisenhower as president and general" (better than bas-reliefs as photo-ops for tourists is what we see).

•   Kennicott offers a thoughtful explanation of what went wrong: Gehry might have "seemed an unlikely fit...but that impression was always based on two misunderstandings."

•   Russell, Rosenbaum, Hawthorne, Davidson, Saltz, and Dobrin give their thumbs-up's - and thumbs-down's - to the new Barnes (all eloquent - even the ouches).

•   A terrific round-up of library projects that use a variety of partnerships to create some great spaces.

•   Q&A with urban planner Mehrotra re: "the rise of 'parasitic' gated communities in India's cities, and the need for planning experts in its smaller towns" that could "start exploding in a pattern that we have not anticipated."

•   Q&A with MoMA's Gadanho re: curating as "the new criticism" and his first show: "practice is still more interesting to me than its finished product."

•   Rose reviews the week in architecture: Koolhaas's "TV colossus" [China's CCTV] opens for propaganda, some Dutch architects blow bubbles," and lots more.

•   Deadline reminder: 72 Hour Urban Action in Stuttgart 2012 Real-Time Architecture Competition - May 26 deadline looms!


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