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Today’s News - Thursday, April 12, 2012

•   Transportation consultant Cox claims California has declared a "war on suburbia": "Planners want to herd millions into densely packed urban corridors" that would "make traffic even worse."

•   Stephens begs to differ with a (great) point-by-point rebuttal of Cox's "falsehoods and half-truths."

•   Yglesias bluntly and succinctly explains why it makes sense to "build stuff near train stations."

•   Vanderbilt x 2 tackles Americans' seeming aversion to walking; even in "pedestrian-friendly" cities "one was always in danger of being relegated to a footnote."

•   RMI's Gallagher Adams has high hopes for the GSA Deep Retrofit Challenge that raises the bar on design excellence and energy efficiency (lots of useful links).

•   Finalists in the National Mall Design Competition offer proposals filled with "elegant, exciting, innovative ideas" - the jury will have a tough time choosing (public input welcome!).

•   Birnbaum bemoans "fuzzy math, bad information and false choices" that is causing "a particularly high mortality rate" for Modernist architecture and landscape architecture icons.

•   After years of being "embroiled in controversy" (and three designs), the Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia in Sydney is ready for its close-up: a pity the SANAA plan didn't fly, but "best not to dwell on what might have a building for viewing contemporary art, this project is a resounding success" (great pix).

•   Moore marvels at Mies's revived Villa Tugendhat: "To say that this has two glass walls, an open plan and clean, modernist style is like saying that Chartres cathedral has pointed arches and big windows."

•   Q&A with Graves re: tea kettles and skylines: "There isn't much for me to look at in New York skyline, or any other skyline" (since "about 1940").

•   Eliasson goes back to the drawing board after London Olympics reject his "Take a Deep Breath" art project because it "no longer met its criteria."

•   NYC's LowLine surpasses its fundraising target, with high hopes it can become reality "within the next five years if we can."

•   We couldn't resist: Carlson considers life in "bunker-like 'condo' complexes for wealthy survivalists" carved out of decommissioned missile silos: "It's subterranean living at its finest, in the ultimate gated community," but is the project "misguided - even dangerous?"


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